Freeport, Maine

After visiting the grandparents in Laconia, NH, we drove two hours the following day to Freeport.  For those of you who enjoy shopping and have never been to Freeport, you must go.  Immediately.  The mother of all outlets, you can find everything from Banana Republic, to J. Crew, to L.L. Bean, and beyond!  We lucked out while we were there with some outlets, that are already discounted, having summer sales!  Discounts off discounts?  Pretty sure it doesn’t get better than that 🙂


Oh the beauty of being a size medium.  It turns out North Face was having a pretty fabulous sample sale while we were there, meaning they had a ton of clothes on super discount- BUT they were all size Medium, or women’s 6-8.  Exactly my size.  Needless to say I scored some great stuff.  I got a great fleece for $50, some hiking shoes (Gortex and all) for $39, and a great back to school backpack (it doesn’t matter that it’s grad school and not elementary school- everyone needs an excuse for a nice new backpack) for only $30!  -1 because it was hard to stop when everything was so cheap!  Probably spent more than I needed, but I feel comfortable knowing they were bargains never to be found again.

In front of the giant L.L. Bean shoe (great view, I know)

In front of the giant L.L. Bean shoe (great view, I know)

From there we headed to Haraseeket, the local docks where folks can anchor boats out, as well as a great place to get some famous New England seafood.  While they have everything from fish sandwiches, to clam strips, ever since I was a child we stop there to get fresh cooked Maine lobster.  When we arrived, you could even see the fisherman unloading the lobster traps off their boats.  If that’s not fresh, I don’t know what is.
The ‘Lobster Delight’ comes on a tray with 12 cooked oysters, a full Maine lobster, an ear of corn, and melted butter.  You have to crack the hard shelled lobster yourself, something I enjoy teaching to folks who’ve never done it before, and dig out all the meat.  Perhaps this is what I enjoy so much about it.  Your meals always a little bit better if you have to work for it. 
We threw in an extra fresh Haddock sandwich (my second favorite Maine food of all time) and a crabcake, just to make sure we were well rounded in our seafood dinner.  -1 for the somewhat crappy weather that accompanied the dinner.  I insisted on eating outside, as the atmosphere is one of my favorites.  However it was a bit chilly and rainy.  Still worth it 🙂 -1 because I’m pretty sure I can’t afford to eat out again for 3 weeks thanks to that dinner.  Even cheap New England seafood seems to be expensive these days…
Murph, his beagle nose a bit overwhelmed by all the fishy smells.

Murph, his beagle nose a bit overwhelmed by all the fishy smells.

Fresh lobster, steamers, corn and of course, melted butter

Fresh lobster, steamers, corn and of course, melted butter

5 minutes later...

5 minutes later...


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