First Trip to Pinkberry


Courtney, I’m sorry this blog post may be painful for you.  But in my defense, you did recommend it, and you provided me with $10 to treat myself.  So needless to say I found my way to a Pinkberry (conveniently located about 5 minutes from campus) within my first three days of arrival.  Is anyone surprised?

For those outside of the LA world that is quickly taking over my life, Pinkberry is a special ice cream treat found out here in LA.  And of course when Katie took some folks for a little birthday celebration tonight, I couldn’t refuse.

A huge ice cream lover, this was not a disappointment.  Although slightly different consistency than the classic ice cream I usually enjoy, I have zero complaints.  You first choose a flavor of an ice cream I can only describe as a mix between frozen yogurt and gelati.  They offer three- the somewhat tart Original, Green Tea and the new Pomegrenate (word on the street is that there are soon to be several new additions as well).  The folks there were nice enough to offer some samples to the newbies before we decided.



You then choose from a variety of toppings.  Lots of fresh fruit options, and some other, more interesting, toppings.  White chocolate shavings, fruity flakes, Captain Crunch, coconut and more.  After trying the original flavor, the only topping I was really craving was sprinkles.  Unfortunately that wasn’t one of their options.  While sad to do it, I have to take a point off for that.  I think it would have been terrific with sprinkles.




But other than that, it was perfect 🙂  The atmosphere was hip and super LA, the woman working the counter was sweet and friendly, and even indulged my need for conversation North Carolina style.  Love it!  They put your name on the cup so when they call you it’s by name (I find this to be such a personable and endearing touch), and they even had a cute water bowl outside for the pups.  The final touch that put me over the top, and almost bumps it up to a 10, was when one of the workers came outside to let out a bug he found in the store.  I love people who rescue bugs 🙂




Add in some great Ops team (and LS) company, and you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic LA evening.  This comes highly recommended with an emphatic 9.5 rating!





  1. If you get some time off, look into climbing the boulders in Bishop CA, that’s maybe 4hrs from you. Maybe even less.

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