Tanner’s Rating on the Bachelorette

I’ve admitted before, and am certainly not ashamed to admit again, that I love the Bachelorette.  I’ve been a huge fan of the series since Freshman year of college, and have yet to miss a season. 

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard Tanner rating Jillian’s feet on the Bachelorette last night.  First, my excitement was certainly not over his excitement about her feet.  In fact, I”m slightly freaked out by his obsession (and his openness about it- I’m pretty sure he hasn’t done a confessional yet where he hasn’t mentioned them). 

BUT, I’m actually rating his rating.  Which I give a 10.  He began by saying that he rates her feet a 9.5, and lists the many things he loves about them (perfect arches, nail polish, no mangled toes, etc.).  When finished with all the reasons he’s giving them 9.5 points, he finishes by being clear about what would have earned a 10.  Mango mango colored nailpolish. 

Well done Tanner.  Have you been reading the blog?  I think the experiment is spreading…



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