Watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean with my students…


After you leave your class at the end of the year, it’s hard to know when and how you’ll see those students again. After my first year I knew they’d be right across the peanut field at the high school, but after leaving Gaston it became harder to know which students you’d hear from and which you’d see.

Thanks to Beth Napleton, two of my former students were out here in LA for the past week doing an internship, where they helped to set up Institute. They gave a killer speech, and worked their butts off getting everything ready for the CMs. It was great to have them around.

By Tuesday I was itching to put my feet in the ocean, and so were they. We found a good break and headed out, the good news being the ocean is literally 5 minutes away from where we’re staying on campus.


Once there we took our shoes off, rolled up our pants and headed into the water. This is where the -1 comes in. While the air that night was relatively cold, and I even warned the girls to bring sweatshirts, the water wasn’t bad at all! Nothing compared to the lakes in Michigan and Maine that I’ve been in the past month. In fact, I actually wish we had worn bathing suits and just gone in. Who knows when I’ll find time to venture back.


Other than that, the night was perfect. We saw the whole sun set, got our feet in the water, saw some California sites, and enjoyed some great conversation. All in all I couldn’t ask for a better night. Add in some Pinkberry before heading home, and it was fabulous.




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