Buffy’s Diagnosis

I rate this a 0. Please read and consider helping out. I know after watching Marley and Me I can’t imagine losing one of my dogs, so I feel compelled to help someone who is possibly facing that situation.

BuffyAbout 2 weeks ago, Buffy stopped eating, was coughing/huffing a lot, and became very lethargic. We took her in immediately for some tests and she tested positive for ehrlichiosis, a tick borne disease. She was put on a very strong antibiotic, which seemed to have negative effects on her. She began to retch up blood and we took her back in. They xrayed her abdomen, did a urinalysis, bloodwork, etc… and did not find anything exceptionally abnormal ab her spleen, kidneys, or liver (would be affected by the disease). She was not concentrating her urine and had a high protein count in her urine… meaning the protein was leaking out of her blood. The bloodwork showed mostly normal levels, with some low platelets.

She was given anti-nausea meds, fluids, stomach soother, and a myriad of other mess and put back on the antibiotics. Tuesday, she began retching up dark blood. We took her back in yesterday and they did xrays of her upper half. The right side of her heart is very large. Although there is no sound from listening to her breathe, there seems to be fluid in her lungs from the xray. It was hard to tell from the angle of the xray, but something (heart, lymph node, mass) was pushing up against her trachea, most likely causing the coughing/huffing. They took her films over to the vet school Wednesday for a consult, thinking it looked like congestive heart failure.

The call from the vet let me know that the radiologist was certain her esophagus and trachea are being pushed up by a large mass. This combined with the fluid in her lungs and the enlarged lymph nodes indicated Lymphoma. Without treatment, this will most likely take her life within the next few weeks. Buffy has been put of Prednisone to combat some of the swelling and fluid retention, while attempting to stimulate her appetite. The course of treatment is chemotherapy and radiation, which the vet has indicated is very successful against this type of cancer.

I, my parents, Will, and close friends have spent the last 2 weeks force-feeding, taking her into the vet, having her on meds, having her off meds, and generally having her break our heart… to the tune of $700. I would love to have her treated, but I simply do not have the funds. This is my last hope… but I will take the chance if it means there is a possibility of BuffyIf you feel called to make a donation, please do.   If I can raise the money, Buffy will go forward with treatment. However, if I am unable to, I will do everything in my power to make her last days on this Earth comfortable and filled with the love and devotion she has always shown me.  All money will be returned if I don’t meet the goal of $1,000.



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