Leaving Boog Behind

After my first visit to the beach in LA, I decided I needed to get a boogie board.  I went in the ocean and the waves were NOTHING like waves on the East Coast.  I nearly lost my bathing suit three times, and got completely knocked over several times.  ‘Playing in the ocean’ is a bit more serous when you’re dealing with waves like that.  So I decided it would be smarter to grab a boogie board and surf ’em.

I lucked out when at TJ Maxx two days later I found boogie boards for only $9.99.  It was then Boog was born.  Affectionately named by Steph, he only ended up hitting the waves twice.  And it was a miserable failure both times.  Nonetheless I would have liked to have taken him home with me so I could try it out here on the East Coast.  Unfortunately two shipped boxes, one oversized suitcase, and two carry-on bags later there was no room for Boog.  I rate that a 2.  I saved a lot of money leaving him behind, and realistically I probably wouldn’t have used it again anyways.  But seriously, pretty awesome board.



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