Reunting with the Pups

Despite Dakota’s farting the entire drive from NC to Harrisburg, and right now as I write this, I’m still thrilled to be reunited with both pups.  When I first moved to LA for the summer I remember having nightmares one night about Murphy attacking me and trying to eat me, since I had forgotten to feed him for days (I think this came from a Sex and the City epidsode where Miranda heard about cats doing this), and don’t you know when I got back I forgot to feed Dakota the first night.  Before you go reporting me, this is a one-time thing that solely came from being out of the routine where I think about this every morning and every night (hence the nightmares where I was still in the routine but no dogs to actually feed).

Back in Harrisburg we’ve had plenty of time to take them hiking at Pinchot State Park, for long walks around the neighborhood, and volleyball games down at City Island.  Overall I once again feel lucky to have two such wonderful dogs who are becoming much easier to poop out 🙂

I rate our reunion a 9.5 (-.5 for the obnoxious air poops).




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