Arrival of, yet another, Puppy Smith


If you had told me three years ago that my family would EVER welcome three dogs into their house, I would have thought you were crazy.  Her whole life my mom has hated dogs.  Not even sort of liked them, but pretty much hated them.  And she was pretty open about it.

I clearly remember the day I went to pick up Murphy as a 5-week old puppy.  We (by ‘we’, I mean my mom, my dad and I- while they thought it was a bad choice they happened to be visiting so I dragged them along) had to drive four hours to pick him up, and much of the conversation on the ride there revolved around what a big mistake I was making (helpful, I know, as I’d already put a deposit down and we were literally driving to pick him up).  My sister even called me while we were driving to tell me she thought I was making a really big mistake, and shouldn’t get a dog.

Fast forward two years later, where my parents offer to host Murphy as I head to LA for the summer.  My mom was already in love at that point (it doesn’t take long with Murph, and she’s had two years after all), but this put her over the edge.  After about a week I feared I would never get Murph back.

So when she realized I’d be headed home soon to pick up Murph, she started looking for her own puppy.  A puggle of course, as all other dogs she still hates, but anything that looks or acts like Murph she’s happy with.  We found an Amish breeder nearby in Ephrata (sorry folks, no pictures of that), and they brought home their very own puggle yesterday.  Her name is Maggie (thanks to yours truly, who in an effort to avoid horrible girly names like Princess, Barbie or Fufu, did her research ahead of time), and she looks JUST like Murph when he was a pup.

PUPPY CUTENESS: 10.  Oh boy.  Can’t explain this but with pictures.  Murphy is still the cutest dog in the world, but for right now Mags is the cutest pup.





MURPH’S LOVE OF THE NEW PUP: 2.  He’s intrigued, and has had fun being chased around the house by her (yes, she’s the one doing the chasing), but overall I think he’s a bit jealous and has pretty much been protesting me because I’m giving too much attention to the cute little one.

MAGGIE’S BRAVERY: 7.  I’m constantly impressed how brave this little one is.  She went straight up to Dakota (in his crate to avoid any serious issues), face to face, and looked him straight in the eye.  This didn’t go over too well at first, and he got worked up and growled at her.  But two minutes later she was right back in his face.  And now doesn’t hesitate to hang around him at all.  She jumps at Murphy (and I think he might be legitimately afraid of her right now), and overall is just a pretty ballsy little pup.  She is a bit skittish around us though, at times, and whenever you reach for her she jumps back.  Hoping she’ll get over that.



The crazy family with all the dogs.

The crazy family with all the dogs.



  1. When I first started reading I thought YOU were getting another pup! Maggie is sooooooo cute. Such a nice family pic…hopefully I get to meet them all someday.

  2. Yay for the new family pup! Glad to hear that everything worked out and you still get Murphy and everyone is happy! Mags is cute!

  3. YAY!!! I love the photo of your family with all the dogs! Congratulations on welcoming Maggie. I like the name and the fact that she’s so bold 🙂 Excited to see you soon! Please tell your family hi!

  4. LOVE it! I think of your hard research down in the dungeons of Leavey 5 to make this happen. Your parents must be having so much fun–I’m so glad you introduced this joy to their lives.

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