Harrisburg Greenbelt


This morning my mom and I decided to head out early and try out the Capital Area Greenbelt.  A pretty nice bike path, about 20 miles, that runs all over Harrisburg, from the Farm Show building, to Front Street, to some parks back around Cameron Street.  I’ve always known it was there, and have biked parts of it before, but I was pleasantly surprised with how great the whole thing is.


Flat almost the entire way, except for ‘2 miles’ of hills at the end (according to my mom), beautiful scenery, and if you wanted to there’s lots of fun stops along the way (the Capital, City Island, Farmer’s Market, etc.).  We had 1 nose bleed stop, 1 map stop, and 1 ‘gotta catch my breath after that giant hill’ stop, but overall we were pretty much rockstars.  This route comes highly recommended to anyone visiting Harrisburg.  One warning, if you’re bringing a road bike, there are definitely some larger (15-20 minutes worth) sections of gravel/loose rock, which is not ideal.  That’s the only thing I’d take a point off for, but if you have a mountain bike you’re good to go.



THOUGHTS OF IMPENDING SORENESS THAT ARE SURE TO FOLLOW TOMORROW: 1.  Serves me right for not working out for 6 weeks while in LA.


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