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I used to think great photography was just about taking a pretty picture.  It wasn’t until recently (especially after looking at a LOT of wedding photos) that I realized great photography is as much about setting up the shot as it is about the actual picture taking.

That being said, I am constantly impressed with Carrie’s creativity, and the pictures that result from it.  Every time I’m with her I swear she whips out her camera at the weirdest moments and snaps photos of things I never would have suspected.  But as a result she has a collection of some pretty badass photos.

When I browse through her website and check out the wedding photos, I genuinely love the creative twist she has on traditional pictures, and every time leave more impressed.  This photo is just another great example.  Maybe it’s because I’m from the Hershey area that it especially makes me happy, but either way I’m loving it.  Have I mentioned before what a big Carrie fan I am?  This just reinforced it.

If you’re looking for photos of anything really, this is your girl.  Check it out.


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