Murph’s Seperation Sadness

Murph was lucky for the past two months, staying with my parents who gave him TONS of exercise, lots of love, and brought him everywhere, where he quickly grew his fan club.  He also lucked out with a puppy for a couple weeks who would actually play with him (unlike Dakota, who will sometimes give in and hold the rope in his mouth for a minute or two before dropping it and laying down).  So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that after returning to our ‘normal’ life he appears a bit bored.  He keeps moving around to different places in the apartment, and looking at me with these sad puppy eyes.  I hope I can keep him busy so he forgets what he’s missing out on…





  1. We miss you too Murphy! Yes, Maggie is a distraction – but she is no Smurf-dog. Love you too buddy!
    Oh yeah, love you too Jan 🙂 J/K – But thanks for the health care sign-up!

  2. Isa dog also misses her cousin Dakota terribly! She sits around looking sad, just like Smurphy. Her ancient sibling is no fun and certainly no challenge. Carrots for snacks (oops -forgot to mention that! Dakota loves carrots) are a poor substitute for Dakota.

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