The Q Shack!

The Q Shack copy

When driving to work last year, I passed the Q Shack every single day.  Not entirely sure what kind of BBQ it was, it always intrigued me and have been meaning to try it for months.  Yet it never made it to the top of my list since it seemed there would be very little I could eat (being BBQ and all).  However, after returning from LA I found out they have sweet potato fries (a staple from my LA diet), so I figured now’s the time!  Last night I ventured there for the first time to meet up with Jon, who I haven’t seen in WAY too long.

Overall I rate the Q Shack as a restaurant a 6.5 .  I loved the somewhat divey feel with long tables where you might just end up sitting with a stranger.  You order at the counter, so you don’t have to wait to be served (which was great considering how hungry I was after class last night), and they even have good bottled beer.  We ended up sitting outside (even better), and I got a pulled Chicken sandwich.  What a perfect compromise, as it wasn’t classic grilled chicken, still felt like I was eating BBQ (it was mixed up with BBQ sauce), yet it wasn’t something with 4 legs.

Everything comes with hush puppies, and of course I got some sweet potatoe fries.  I finished the sandwich (it was definitely pretty good), but am definitely out of shape in terms of eating heavy fried foods (as compared to when I was living in Gaston and was a champ), and ate about 2 hush puppies and half the fries.  I will admit, I was pretty disappointed with the fries.  I think they were too thick and didn’t cook all the way through, so they were the kind if you hold it by one end the other end is droopy.  Not the best.  But the price was right (definitely affordable) and overall I have few complaints.  If you’ve never been you should check it out.

The company, however, was a definitive 9.  -1 because I no longer see him nearly enough, and sometimes hanging out makes me miss the old times!



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