Burnt spaghetti and Kroger Savings


Some will be shocked by this rating.  However, as much as I love what it has to offer education, I am also constantly frustrated with it.  Teaching in a classroom with tons of technology I dealt with everything from having to align and realign my SmartBoard (constantly!), fix computer screens for students who had ‘accidentally’ turned them horizontal (and were then working with their head at a 90 degree angle) to the blue screen of death.  Whenever I finally felt like I had things under control something else would happen.

I was reminded of my constant battles in class last week when my Professor whipped out the ‘blue clickers’.  Immediately I was reminded of the guilt I felt for two years knowing that I had these at my disposal in my classroom and couldn’t for the life of me ever get them to work effectively AND efficiently (which is key in a middle school classroom).  I soon felt better when he struggled with them as much as I did, and I questioned if they were even worth using.  The first class lots of batteries were dead, so half didn’t work very well, and the second class something was wrong with the program, and he spent 20 minutes (literally) at the beginning of the class trying to fix it while we were asked to chat with each other.  Again, never would have been feasible in middle school, so my guilt was taken care of.

Still above a 5 (clearly) because this is only one example, and there’s so much that causes few problems and enhances instruction in a huge way.  Plus, the kids love it and what more can I ask for than that.



I’ve never loved them, but the benefits have usually outweighed the disadvantages.  Potentially until now, that is.  Vertical Edge used to give out 2 free passes/birthday party worked, plus a free climb that day.  Now they’ve changed it however to 1 free pass and a climb that day.  While this is what Triangle Rock Club offers, TRC also charges a lot more to get in (understandably so as the gym is a lot newer and nicer), so therefore the one piece is worth more money saved.  I pay $8 every Tuesday at Vertical Edge, so now that’s all I’m getting paid for 2 hours, and in my mind just isn’t worth it anymore.  I think I may stick with TRC.



This time around I couldn’t seem to find my classic recipe on my computer, so I had to go with a new one online.  A benefit was that it didn’t require dried milk (or whatever that stuff is), which miraculously disappeared in all my packing/unpacking this summer.  A downside was that it only called for 1.5 tablespoons of Rosemary (half of what I normally use) and I listened, assuming proportions were different.  However, in the end my apartment didn’t smell like Rosemary like it normally does, and the taste wasn’t nearly as delicious.  I also need to ignore salt requirements, and always cut it in half.  Forgot about that too.

But some bonus points for the fact that it was made for Laura and Snooky, with Rosemary they gave me from their own garden 🙂 Overall it was still pretty delish.



This week I had Laura and Snooky over for dinner and prepared a pretty classic spaghetti with a vegetable sauce dish.  As usual we ended up chatting for a while out on the porch, and then inside over some delicious blueberry pie, and I completely forgot I had left the burner on.  Pretty classic Janice (last framily dinner I found the oven still on 3 days later), and unfortunate because I now have no pasta leftovers. But entertaining as this is what it looked like:



Things like savings and gas prices are always hard to rate, as a 10 would be 100% savings, or $.00/gal.  However, I was pretty pumped when I saw this at the bottom of my Kroger receipt this week while grocery shopping.  Looks like my new frugality (being a grad student isn’t cheap!) is paying off 🙂  Pun totally intended.



Dakota has no sense of propriety when it comes to his pooping.  In fact, if he has to go he goes.  Regardless of where he is.  Murph, on the other hand, searches constantly for the perfect spot.  Really it doesn’t matter that much, except when Dakota is literally in the middle of the street when he decides to go. Poops for so long a car literally has to come to a complete stop waiting for him to finish and me to pick it up.  Not ideal.

The good news is he’s always sure to get it out before returning to the apt.  That would be a definite 0.



  1. Loved the bread – but I hear you on wanting more of a rosemary smell to the apartment – such a great scent! I did think it was super tasty.
    I also love that you took a picture of the spaghetti mass. A reminder that it happened after the dinner….
    Love the savings on the Kroger’s bill – such a joy in life, somehow feels like that old adage of “sticking it to the man” for some reason.
    Thanks for the dinner!

  2. Don’t tell anyone, but you need to make sure you belay when I’m working. I think the one pass rule is dumb. And turns people away from belaying on the weekends (clearly), so I ignore that rule.

  3. Forego the wimpy dried rosemary (in case that’s what you’re using) and go out and get a real rosemary plant! Grow it on your balcony, if you have one. Or, pay out the nose for a little ziploc bag of fresh rosemary at the store. I think you’ll appreciate it.
    New red potatoes are also very yummy when roasted with real butter &/or olive oil, garlic, and rosemary. Rating: 10.
    I use rosemary shampoo! Very invigorating.
    🙂 Nancy

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