Happy Birthday Jen!


Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have found so many great friends through climbing.  For anyone who’s just moved to a new city and looking to meet awesome new people, start climbing!  I’ve met SO many people, and literally all of them are fabulous.  We headed to the Mellow Mushroom in Raleigh tonight for a chance to celebrate Jen’s birthday, and it was a great excuse to see everyone in ‘normal people’ clothes.  Didn’t realize how weird it was until I saw Jen in giant heels!


Greg, Jean, Bill, Claudia, Jen, Heather, Lauren, Rachel and JD!

I honestly can’t think of one reason not to rate this a 10.  Below are the reasons why:

  • Not one, but TWO birthday cakes.  One was a cookie cake and one was an ice cream cake.
  • Great people, who made my day a lot better after I was feeling a bit lonely with my new schedule.
  • Delicious avocado sandwich. (Seriously, if you like vegetarian food you NEED to try this.  It was INCREDIBLE)
  • New climbing trips being planned as we speak.
  • Hefeweizen was on special.
  • Right around the corner from State, where I conveniently had class this evening.
  • Discovering that both JD and Jean are unemployed (giving me people to play with on days like today when I don’t have any work!  JD plays tennis and they both climb.  Yay!)
  • Last, but not least, is Claudia’s fierce State photo ID.  She sets the bar high, and I’m clearly going to put more time than I had planned into preparing for mine tomorrow.  We’ll see if I can nail the ANTM look more than she did (although I’m not sure that’s possible…)


Thanks all for a fabulous evening.


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