I Love Surprises :)

About three months ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This I’m not going to rate, as many can probably imagine how we all feel about that.  However, it’s often situations like these that teach us a lot about strength, bravery, and the people around us.  The support that has come from everywhere has been pleasantly surprising.  One of my favorites is a card that arrived from a women’s senior volleyball team that my mom barely knows, but who her team has played against in the past.  This is the kind of thing I’m talking about.  People surprise you, and I think it’s good for everyone to be reminded of the impact they have had, and all the people that genuinely care about them.

That being said, it probably made my month when I read this post on my mom’s blog this morning (that’s right, I’ve even got my mom blogging now :).  I rate it a 10.  You can check out more at http://www.medsandmaggie.wordpress.com.

Emotional Mail Call

September 3, 2009 · Leave a Comment

I am not a crier.  Those that know me, realize that.  I have never been a girlie-girl, cried at sappy movies or at moving phone commercials.  However, yesterday’s mail did me in.  I have received a lot of cards since this all started, and I mean, a LOT.  It has been touching and overwhelming.  I have heard from volleyball teams from other states, relatives I haven’t seen in years, friends of my daughters and friends I lost touch with.  I have begun to quickly identify the ones that bring out meaningful thoughts and messages.  Today 3 more arrived, and one caught my eye.  I had begun to tear up before I even knew who it was from, as the message was so perfect.  Then I open it, and it is from my daughter!   Her note to me had me bawling by the end.  When I was diagnosed, my biggest worry was for them, how they would handle it, and how it would effect them now and for their future.  She in particular seemed to take it in stride, and I worried that the true significance of it all had passed her by.  How wrong I was!  Her understanding, words of support and concern, as well as her recognition of how this will impact her life, really got to me.  It was perfect, and a telling sign that we have succeeded in raising amazing kids!

Next, I see a box has arrived, and it is a book from my daughter’s college boyfriend.  They broke up amicably, I always thought highly of him, but have not seen him for years.  Not only was the book a perfect choice, written by a double breast cancer survivor who chronicled her journey online, but his message inside was so encouraging and well-spoken.  Again, the tears continued to fall.  When someone who passed briefly through my life (in the grand scheme of things) would take the time and effort to reach out, it is amazing to me.  He is one of many, and when people say that this diagnosis brings with it great rewards, I will think of all these memories, and whole-heartily agree!


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  1. Hang in there. Remember that every day is a gift – live fully in each moment. There is enormous support out there for you and your mom. When you need, just ask. Bravo to you for getting your mom blogging! Journaling is a great outlet.

    As you may know my mom is battling lung cancer. Thought it was gone, now it is back. She started round 2 of chemo this week. While it is natural to wish for miracles, keep sight of the miracle of each day, of modern medicine, of the love that surrounds you and your mom.


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