State Football and Karaoke


School spirit is one of my favorite things.  The hardest part of my undergrad experience was going somewhere with little school spirit, and no football team.  I’ll admit I fell victim at times, and found it difficult to rally around any of our teams while there (except for the basketball team these past couple years, that is).  So, it almost goes without saying that I am ecstatic to be attending grad school at a school with tons of school spirit, in an area of the country with more school spirit than I’ve ever seen.  With the official start of our football season yesterday, I’m ready to go.  I spent the afternoon on campus reading up on the team, and the season, getting prepared for the 7:00 game.

I rate our first game a 6.  Above a five because I’m thrilled to have a team, we lost 34-0 to South Carolina last year so it was a definite improvement, and because in general I love college football and am thrilled it’s begun.  Despite our loss, the game still brought me joy.  -4 because of how we played.  Hopefully we’ll learn from the mistakes and step it up before the real Carolina game 🙂



Paul and I have been talking about Thursday night karaoke at Bub’s for quite some time.  After the stop in DC, I became increasingly motivated to find out what it was all about.  So this week we finally headed over there, along with some fabulous others.  Laura, clearly, Ali, Nadija (?), Steve, Matt, Paul and I.  And by the end of the night we successfully got every one of them up on stage.


Laura looking a bit nervous before we went in...

Matt started out with “Santa Monica” by Everclear.  When it comes to rating karaoke, I have two key categories, none of which has to do with actual voice.  In fact, I’m almost tempted to take points off if you’re one of those people who can actually sing and decides to use karaoke as a place to show that off.  Open Mic my friends, not karaoke.  The categories are as follows:

  • Song Choice-  this one’s key, as an important part of karaoke is engaging the crowd.  Can’t do that if no one knows what you’re singing.  Plus, you need something upbeat, fast and loud.  No soft, quiet, slow, romantic music please.
  • Performance- the more you embrace the song the better.  VJ’s ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ was a GREAT example of this.  He owned Vanilla Ice from start to finish.  That’s the way to do it.

Overall I’d say we did pretty well in both these categories (minus Matt- who ever heard of ‘1 Million Dollars’?).  -1 for the lack of a crowd.  Hard to get started when there were not many people there, and it never got too busy.  However, that did leave me with plenty of room to dance 🙂


Matt rocking some Everclear


Total Eclipse time!


Finally got Steve up on stage. Pretty sure I earned 25 bucks for this.


Everyone's ratings post-karaoke

Will I be returning?  You better believe it.



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