The Time Traveler’s Wife


I’m a hopeless romantic at heart.  And I’m pretty serious about it.  I LOVE movies where you see the kind of love that I dream really does exist.  You know, the have to be together, can’t live without each other, absolute soul mate kind of love.  Well, a definite plus for the ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ is that it shows that kind of love.  But it messes with it throughout the entire movie, making it constantly sad.  I like happy endings, and I like feeling good when I go to the theater and this just didn’t do that for me.

But that being said, I wouldn’t not recommend it.  I just wouldn’t see it again.  Check out the trailer and decide for yourself.  Either way, if you’re using a gift certificate and seeing it for free it’s worth it 🙂



  1. I just started the book last weekend! I love it – I hear the ending is similar to the feeling of the movie. It’s a great, quick read though. I enjoy Rachel McAdams and look forward to seeing the movie. Thanks for the review!

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