My Excitement About Hound Ears…


Hound Ears is the first of the Triple Crown bouldering series, and is held in my favorite place in the world.  There’s a small gated community in the mountain town of Boone, NC that contains, from what I’ve heard, some pretty fabulous boulders.  Boulders so big people usually top rope them.  I’ve tried to sneak in once, but we didn’t make it very far, as they’re closed off to the public 364 days a year.  The one day a year they’re open to climbers is for Hound Ears.  Last year I was pumped to go, and we ended up having an All Corps Conference that day.  Fortunately this year there’s no such conflict.

I officially registered this afternoon (and am tempted to take off a point for the pricey $50 registration, but it does come with 3 meals, a t-shirt and other goodies, plus access to unlimited climbing all day), and we’re now planning logistics.  We’re camping out in the campground with all the over big-name climbers (that’s right, we’re a pretty serious threat to them) that’ll be there, and I’m almost as excited about the celebration that night as I am about the competition.  While last year I couldn’t talk anyone into joining, this year not only are 10 folks going, but I believe EVERYONE is registered to compete!  That makes me that much more excited!

Any excuse to spend a weekend in Boone is okay by me, and this sure is a good one 🙂


Nervousness about the serious competition: 2.  I know, an unconventional rating, but 2 means there’s a lot of it and that’s not good.  Being surrounded by some of my favorite people will make it a bit more manageable.



  1. YAY 2!!!

    More than nervous, but equally excited! Should be just a really neat environment. We can really climb all day, and not just when we’re competing? That would make me very happy!

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