Optimist World

Optimist World launches its Charity Awards with HSBC Amanah as sponsor_3258_1_1___Selected

I just discovered a pretty great website online, called ‘Optimist World‘.  A website full of positive, uplifting stories in the news, with various charities, companies, travel stories, and even happy videos (including the Susan Boyle videos- I was sold as soon as I saw those).  My Netvibes account has a tab for all my News sources, and I’ll be honest, sometimes it can get a bit depressing (which is why I also have included People.com on this page- clearly pretty important news).  I will be adding this immediately to bring some happiness into otherwise dreary headlines.

I rate this website an 8.  I love the idea, but in an ideal world this news would be mainstream.  Makes me a bit sad that we need a seperate location to highlight the good news.  I’d rather a one-stop shop with all kinds of news!


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