Trip Home

After babysitting on Friday I hit the road home, and decided to take a quick layover in DC on the way.  1) it split the trip up so I didn’t have to drive until 1am, and 2) it allowed me to stop by and visit some old friends and some classic bars.

I met up with Jeff and Jill at Chadwicks in Friendship Heights upon arrival, where we grabbed a couple beers and caught up before heading to the famous Malt Shop.

CHADWICK’S SWEET POTATO FRIES: 9. I’ve officially hit a cut off point from sweet potato fries.  It turns out they’re now everywhere, so I’m going to need to stop ordering them.  That being said, the ones at Chadwicks were pretty decent.  Way better than the Q-Shak, but not quite as good as the ones at Brickhouse.  They served them with ranch dressing which made them even better.


We then headed down the road to the classic Malt Shop, where regrettably I have no pictures.  They’re all on Jill’s camera, so perhaps once she finds her cord I’ll put them up.  But needless to say it was as divey as it always was with beer that’s just as incredible. By that I mean it was all college students and crappy Bud Light.  Since discovering the world of delicious beer (Shock Top, Blue Moon, Sam Adams Summer and Fat Tire to name a few) it is tough to go back.  But it was nice to stop by and see that nothing has changed 🙂

Jeff was kind enough to host us both that night at his swanky apt. near AU, but I couldn’t resist rating the sparce decorating.  The highlight being picture frames on the wall with literally nothing in them but cardboard.  Perhaps this is the new thing in the world of decorating?  Hoping a couple of our fabulous shots from the visit can help him fill them up…  Right now I rate the decorating a 5.  It was perfectly puppy proof, and definitely not too cluttered.  The bedroom is close to knocking it down below 5 as literally the only thing in it is a bed and a closet.  The couch, however, was INCREDIBLE (again, no picture 😦 ).  Huge with three parts, it was the most comfortable ‘bed’ ever.  With a giant comforter I was in heaven.  Possibly more comfortable than my actual bed at home.  In addition to all that, the warm hospitality and samurai sword are making me want to plan another visit ASAP.




TDR’S SATURDAY HOURS: 1.  For breakfast we decided nothing was more appropriate than attempting to sneak into TDR, our old dining hall at AU, since it’s right up the street from where Jeff lives.  Our plan was to trick some Freshman into swiping us in for free (really not a bad plan considering most are forced to get meal plans with WAY too many meals).  It turns out they don’t open until 11 on Saturdays.  I understand they probably don’t want to staff it early on a Saturday morning when most collge kids are sleeping, but they should be a bit more flexible for those folks who are up early and ready to get on with their day.


KRUPEN’S BREAKFAST: 8.  The good news was Jeff and Jill had a quick solution to our breakfast troubles.  Apparently there’s a great diner-style place in Tenleytown that everyone used to go to in college. Except for me that is.  In fact, I’d never even heard of it.  But they were so convinced we hopped on the shuttle and headed into town.  Good things were to be found there, and I got a great bagel, eggs and hash browns for only $3.50.  And since they didn’t take credit cards for small amounts, Jeff covered it.  Overall I’d say it was a good choice.  -1 because there were no whole wheat bagels, and -1 because the hash browns were cold.  Solid 8 though, so I’d definitely return.


Onion bagel with drippy eggs. Brilliant.


No trip to DC and AU is complete without a ride on the AU shuttle.  We lucked out with two 🙂


Now enjoying some quality time with the family in PA 🙂


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