Dancing With the Stars, Season Premiere

I’ll admit to having tuned into Dancing With the Stars last night (my mom loves it, and I am home to spend quality time with them after all), and left with some thoughts.  The first, and foremost, being how much I don’t like Aaron Carter.  To start with, he’s not that cute.  In fact, I would go so far as to rate his attractiveness (at face value) a 5.  Once his personality shows up, it goes down to a 2.  And the thing is, I wouldn’t hold it against him if he wasn’t cute (see below for rating on Tom Delay), but it’s the fact that he thinks he’s hot stuff that makes me dislike him so much.  And where exactly does it come from?  You were famous when you were, what, 8 years old?  And had an awful bowl cut?  If I were you, I’d be trying to distance myself from that, not remind people of it.  On top of that I definitely thought it was a bit immature how he spent all his time talking about how much he loved his partner, how hot she was, and how much of their practice time he spent hitting on her.  I must say, I feel pretty bad for her.  She’s probably thinking ‘How did I get stuck with the punk child star who can’t keep his hands off me?’  Now watch them fall in love and get married before the seasons over.  But if she ends up knocking him out first, I called it.

Enough of the negativity.  I did leave with a bit more of a positive attitude towards Tom Delay.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about the precedent he’s setting with politicians joining the show, but at least he’s a retired politician (or fired, depending how you look at it) who doesn’t have anything better to do.  I never thought I’d admit to liking him, but he was pretty cute when trying to learn the dance moves.  I hope he sticks around for a little longer.


Needless to say I won’t be watching the ladies tonight (instead I’ll be enjoying supermugs with Jeff on the way back to North Carolina), but I will be curious to see how the awkward Macy Gray fares on the dance floor.  Thank god for YouTube…


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