Speed Bumps and Poker

DRIVERS’ ABILITY TO NAVIGATE THE SPEED BUMPS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: 2.  I get that you’re trying to be safe and protect your car, and I respect that about 2 points worth.  But hasn’t anyone ever told you that you feel them less the faster you go?  It’s not a stop sign my friends.


THIS MONTH’S POKER GAME: 6.  Jon and I planned monthly poker games, what, last October?  We hosted our second successful game tonight, almost a year later.  Trust me, the 6 is not at all the rating of our ability to keep on schedule.  And while I did not have a strong start (I don’t like buying back in, especially twice within the first hour), but like I’ve always said, I play stronger with a shorter stack.  And as soon as I whipped out the sunglasses and the hood, and knocked my stacks of chip into my signature pile, I did a lot better 🙂  All in all I made a little over 4 bucks, so I can’t complain too much.  That being said, it’s no $80 like the last time we played.


After an awesome trip home, a fabulous stop in DC on the way back last night, class and poker night, I’m exhausted and will have to rate the remainder of the trip tomorrow.  Hope everyone finds themselves enjoying the tens tomorrow 🙂


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