This Year’s REI Yard Sale

Those of you who have been following the blog for over a year now (can’t believe it’s been that long!) will probably remember last year’s experiences at both the Durham REI yard sale and the Cary REI yard sale.  I started off the season with Durham, where we were in the top 10 there, arriving at around 5, and topped it off with Cary (the biggest of the three around here), spending the night in the parking lot (tent and all) and ending up number 1 in line!


This year I wasn’t around for Cary’s, but when our trip to Red River Gorge got rained out this weekend (which I rate a 2) I was unexpectedly around for Durhams.  While I attempted to recruit some folks for camping, the forecast of rain scared us off.  Paul, however, was game for getting up at 4:30 and heading over, which I thought would be perfect.  However, we ended up 21 and 22 in line!  We arrived to find two large tents, two hammocks (one with a tarp roof set up) and some random peopel in sleeping bags right in front of the front door.  We threw our name on the list, put the seats down in the back of my Suby, and used my crashpad as a bed.  When I say ‘we’, I mean Murph and I, since Paul stayed up in the front seat running down my car battery.

At about 8 we got our official numbers and headed out to breakfast while we waited for the store to officially open at 10.

After digging for a while we found some goodies, exited the back and headed to try on/try out all our fabulous goodies.  I ended up with a present for Dakota (see below), some more cheap hiking socks, a couple spare bike tubes, and a new climbing top for Hound Ears 🙂  (Speaking of Hound Ears, if anyone not going would love to hang out with two incredible pups for a couple days, they’re not allowed at the comp and so far haven’t found anyone in town.  I’m getting desperate so I don’t have to bail on a comp I’ve already paid for… I will rate you a 10 forever.  I swear.)


All in all I’d rate this year’s Yard Sale a 7.  Found everything I wanted minus a bike jersey, and didn’t spend too much unnecessary cash.  Next year, however, I’m sticking with the camp out.  I think I can make it happen once a year.

MURPHY’S ABILITY TO HANDLE EXCITEMENT: 5.  Murph needed some alone time, as he’d clearly been in a slump since spending so much time with Maggie, and then returning to still find Dakota around.  So this morning I decided he’d accompany us to the REI yard sale.  He did great, and was super friendly to everyone he met, but boy did it tire him out.  He’s done nothing but lie around all day, half the time in a DEAD sleep.  It’s been nice, I won’t lie 🙂



LAZY RAINY FALL DAYS: 8.  I love them.  I don’t know what it is about the rain that somehow makes it better, but I think it might just be the mandatory laziness.  No long dog walks (although we did sneak one in right before the predicted rain), no bike rides, runs, tennis, etc.  While I love all those things, sometimes I like the forced relaxation.  So far I’ve spent all day watching college football, studying for my midterm, and enjoying my new wool socks.  Some days like this can make me crave people interaction, but since I had QT with Paul, Laura, Jay, Lisa and Richard this morning, and am spending tonight with Lauren, I am totally thriving on the me time.

Headed to climb at Pilot Mt. tomorrow if weather permits, and while I’m loving the rain today, any extra prayers that it will leave in time for tomorrow would be much appreciated!  Until then, GO STATE!!!



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