Frog Visitor and the Amazing Race

NOT OWNING A VIDEO CAMERA: 3.  I’m sure I’m saving some money, and would probably spend way more time than necessary videotaping funny things.  Plus, you all would probably get sick of seeing videos on here of silly things the pups do.  That being said, I would have paid a lot of money to have had a video camera last night when an unexpected visitor of the froggy kind made it’s way into the apartment.

First, I’m not quite sure how a frog made it’s way into a second floor apt, but it did.  It hopped in right through my porch door (which was open due to the nice fall temperatures).  Immediately I worried Murph would try and eat it (you’d be surprised at the large bugs he’s swallowed in the past) so I yelled ‘LEAVE IT!’ and went over and put him in lockdown.  We then watched the frog hop around for a bit while Dakota explored, getting closer and then jerking his head back when it jumped.  I finally let Murph go, and it turns out this guy was too big for him to attack.  He did the same thing as Dakota and would approach, and then his whole body would jump back when it hopped.  It appeared they were both afraid.

I watched them both do this for awhile, enjoying the entertainment, before grabbing Dakota’s dinner bowl to catch it in.  They both crowded around him, me on the third side to make the catch, and all of a sudden Dakota lunged.  Sure that he had the thing in his mouth now I screamed (literally, high pitched scream) ‘DAKOTA!  Drop it!  Let it go!’, a bit revolted by the idea of this large frog in his mouth.  He looked up at me shocked, just as the frog jumped out of the bowl.  Turns out Dakota had forced him to jump into the bowl, actually showing some incredible teamwork.  Oops… I then grabbed Murphy’s bowl too, and cornered the little one with a successful catch.  I headed outside to release him into the wild, hoping for a return visit in the near future when I have a video camera 🙂



Murph's Lockdown

After all the excitement was over we settled down to watch the Season Premier of the Amazing Race, my favorite reality show (close first to the Bachelorette), and recent Emmy winner for ‘Best Reality Competition Show’ (or something like that…).

the-amazing-raceSEASON OPENER: 6.  First, I would like to comment on their season opener ‘twist’.  I know that recurring reality shows are always looking for ways to spice it up, but sometimes I think they just go the wrong direction.  This season, they had a brief challenge at the very beginning of the race, before they even took off anywhere.  The result was that one team was eliminated right away.  I dislike this for two reasons.  1) How embarassing and sad to get all excited and pumped to be on the Amazing Race, only to be eliminated IMMEDIATELY.  What if you trained for it?  What if this was your lifelong dream?  And to never get a solid chance?  Made me sad 😦  2) I really liked the team that got kicked off.  A cool pair of married yoga teachers who seemed like they could have done pretty well, and someone I could have rooted for.  Definite points off for that decision made by the producers.

Secondly, this season seems to have gone a bit too celebrity on me.  To me one of the great things about the Amazing Race is that it’s ‘normal’ people and anyone could be on it.  This encourages me to continue dreaming about my day on the Race, and makes me continue the search for the perfect partner.  This season has the following celebrities:

  • Former Miss America 2004 and her husband
  • Two female professional poker players
  • Two Harlem Globetrotters

While clearly not everyone, it still makes me think they’re looking for familiar/famous faces to bring in an audience, and I think this takes away a bit from the original brilliance of the show.

However, they did head to Tokyo for stop one which was awesome.  Having lived there way back in the day, I love it when the Race travels to countries I’ve visited.  Gets me more engaged, and gives me hope that my travel experience will benefit me when it’s my turn.

Team I’m rooting for:  ZEV and JUSTIN

zev_justinZev Glassenberg (26); Justin Kanew (30)
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, Calif. / Los Angeles
Occupation: Unemployed/VP of Production and Development for National Lampoon
Relationship: Friends

Zev and Justin’s friendship started six years ago when they were working as camp counselors and the two have been very close ever since.  Zev has Asperger’s Syndrome, but they don’t let it affect their relationship.  They share friends and interests, and the friendship is as mutually beneficial as any could be.

Zev is an avid sports fan — especially basketball — and he has an intense competitive spirit. He describes himself as funny, modest, and loyal, and is running the Race to prove to himself that he can do anything.

Justin prides himself on his patience and his ability to problem solve.  He admits the biggest difference between he and his partner is that Zev is not great in large groups of people — one of the characteristics of Asperger’s — while Justin is very easy-going and can assimilate himself into any group.

Outside of the occasional trip to Vegas (where Justin took Zev to lose his virginity), neither has traveled extensively, particularly with one another. Their relationship is spontaneous and unedited and resembles one of brothers more than friends.


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