Rock the Box!

One of my favorite food blogs is called Kath Eats, and is basically just an average girl in Charlotte who is studying to be a nutritionist and blogs about everything she eats.  Tons of great, healthy, ideas for meals, so I got sucked in a while back.  Just the other week she blogged about a contest that Applegate was hosting called ‘Rock the Box‘.  All you have to do is write to them about your favorite lunch memory from school, and you could win a snazzy lunch box.

Do I need a lunch box?  No.  Would I ever use one even if I won it?  Probably not.  But here’s the thing.  I NEVER win things.  In fact, at Hound Ears on Saturday I almost didn’t even stand up by the stage because the chance of my name being pulled were slim to none.  It just doesn’t happen to me.  So a contest that seemed an almost guaranteed win?  I had to do it.

And yesterday afternoon as I was working diligently the UPS man stopped by and dropped off my box!  Couldn’t have been more excited!  It’s a pretty large, snazzy box with four small tupperware containers that all fit inside, along with one larger one. They were also pretty smart and made the band on top elastic so you can slip a water bottle in there.  LOVE IT!



The last touch, that I didn’t discover right away, was a hand written note from someone at Applegate that referred to the specifics of my story (at least I’m hoping no one else wrote in about the lime green turkey gravy that we used to call ‘snot’ back in elementary school).  I love great customer service 🙂  And I’m not even a customer yet!  But I’ll tell you what, I’m seriously tempted to buy their stuff from now on, even if it’s more expensive, because of how much this made my day (plus they included a bunch of coupons).  Go win your own here!


I rate this a 10!

Plus, another advantage of working from home… Murph cuddling while working.  Don’t get this in an office, that’s for sure! However, he tends to want to sit right on top of the laptop (his form of protesting) which slows me down, so I’ll give it an 8.




  1. Is it from Kath Eats that you got the idea for a spoonful of peanut butter in the oatmeal? Cause I love it….or possibly she got that from you!?

    Totally checked out her blog and love it.
    And, yep, I sent in my favorite school lunch memory, too!
    Perhaps someday was can tote our lunch boxes around together.
    Hope you are having a good day!

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