Second iPhone Down…

Seriously.  No one should ever trust me with valuable electronics.  I currently have four broken digital cameras in my possession, and am now on to my third iPhone.  This is getting ridiculous.

While I was preparing for the parents visit today (that’s right… i’ve planned meals for every night and even pre-bought groceries) I dropped my phone on its face for the second time.  While the first time the screen shattered, this time the screen just turned white and wouldn’t recognize anything.  Wouldn’t turn off, wouldn’t reset, nothing.

I then immediately headed for the Mac store, told them of the problems (all the problems, that is, minus the whole dropping it thing).  Turns out it had water damage too (who knew?) and for that they couldn’t cover it under warrantly and I had to drop another $200 for a replacement phone.  But since I have another year on my plan, it would be ridiculous to not replace it and pay for all the cool features I no longer have.

I’m researching strong, serious, heavy duty, waterproof cases as we speak.  I’m not messing with this one.

I rate this a 1.  Apparently it can cost a lot more for other replacement phones, so maybe I should be more grateful that it was only $200… Not really feeling so grateful right now.


Now that that’s out of the way, just hoping for some tens this weekend 🙂


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