North Carolina Sky


I was reminded recently of how incredible North Carolina skies are. Not by the actual sky, weirdly enough, but by a friend at a Wednesday night poker game.  From New England, he commented on how the skies here are unlike any skies in the North.  While I’ve definitely noticed the skies here, especially when heading to the buses for dismissal while teaching in Gaston (if North Carolina is the state with the most beautiful skies, Gaston has to be the city/town with the most beautiful skies), I hadn’t really thought about it recently,  And I sort of just assumed if they were beautiful there, they were probably that beautiful in other states too.

Another advantage of my new morning babysitting job is that I get to see the sunrise every day, and am reminded again how beautiful the skies here are.  I’ve made Amy use my iPhone to take pictures for several days now (unfortunately the first set was lost in the iPhone incident of last Thursday) so you all outside of North Carolina can enjoy as well.  Keep in mind the pictures were taken with an iPhone from a moving car…


I would be tempted to take off a point because every sunrise/sunset is more beautiful over a lake, however I’ve been lucky enough to see the sunset over Lake Gaston many nights during my first year of teaching, so I know it exists here in North Carolina.  Therefore, when you combine the mountain and lake sunrises/sunsets, this state is pretty much flawless.


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