Bringing it Back Week, 2009!

I can’t believe I missed the one-year celebration of Bringing it Back Week!  Last year it was a huge success, bringing back everything from lunch boxes, to fanny packs, to side ponytails and fluorescent.  Now that it’s been over a year, I’d say it’s time to bring back ‘Bringing it Back Week’!  So here we go…

I’ve decided to start with…

BRINGING BACK THE SCRUNCHY: 8.  Okay, I won’t lie, this began with my Halloween costume and not BIBW, but nevertheless, when somethings right, it’s right.  So why did they ever disappear?  I was reminded of how much fun it is to add instant color to any outfit when I whipped out my new collection of 7 mini-scrunchies (all matching my brand new thong leotard… sorry Mom).  LOVE IT.  Plan on seeing these on a regular basis.  And because I have 7, I’d be happy to give away several to others wishing to help bring it back.  -1 because they’re kinda expensive, especially considering no one really wants them anymore.  -1 because I couldn’t find them in fluorescent.


Start thinking about what you plan to bring back…



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