Caribou’s Customer Service


While a full post on yesterday’s climbing comp is on its way, I had to get this quick rating out there first.

I’ve always loved Caribou Coffee, partially because I love coffee shops in general, and partially because it reminds me of a ski lodge in Maine.  But today I fell in love for another reason.  I stopped by around 2 this afternoon following our Sunday morning climb and breakfast at Elmo’s to get some much needed school work done.  However, they must have been grinding coffee but it smelled SUPER strong, and for whatever reason I can’t stand the smell when it’s that strong.  So about 5 minutes later I packed up and left, heading to the Panera near me in hopes that it didn’t smell so bad.

Once I got to Panera I realized I may have left my black fleece at Caribou (about 20 minutes from my apartment).  I immediately called and accidentally called the wrong location.  The woman checked the whole store before realizing this, and then seemed relieved when we did figure it out, as she seemed to feel bad there was no word.  I thanked her and was getting ready to hang up when she said ‘Wait!  Let me get you the number for the other location so you can give them a call”.  Awesome.

Once I called the correct location, the friendly woman on the other line immediately found it and let me know she’d put it aside.  I asked if it might be possible to pick it up tomorrow when I was in that area, and she said absolutely, and began making arrangements for where she’d store it in the back, and how she’d label it when I arrived the next day.

Overall, the friendly folks working there were above and beyond friendly, and made an otherwise stressful situation into a pleasant one.  I love it  🙂  Most definitely a 10.


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