Zev and Justin Getting Kicked Off the Amazing Race

Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler, as it happened last week.  While this is the only TV I follow, I’m clearly not a loyal follower, as I missed my favorite characters getting kicked off last week.  As I began watching this week’s they gave a recap, and it nearly broke my heart.


My two faves, Zev and Justin, came in first place last week (yay!!!), and then discovered that Zev’s passport was missing.  They were given the chance to find it, but literally he had no idea where it was lost, so needless to say the search was fruitless.  It makes my heart cry to see them so successful, and then so unsuccessful, all in one episode.  And now they’re gone 😦

I rate this a 1.  Time to start cheering for the Globetrotters…



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