North Carolina State Fair 2009

After several years of incredible trips to the fair, I was definitely pumped about this year’s visit…


Most people head to the State Fair for the food, and I won’t lie it’s a definite plus.  But part of the difficulty is making the right choices.  There’s SO much there, and it’s a bit stressful trying to make the right decision.

First we started with a giant turkey leg (my personal fave) and DEFINITELY made the right decision there.  There are about 10 different stands all selling them, and I ended up with one that was exactly what I wanted.  Not dry, not burnt, crazy messy, and DELICIOUS.  First course= 9 (-1 because they get to be really difficult to eat).


Next we went with some sweet potato fries, which were actually a pretty big disappointment.  Once we covered them with cinnamon and sugar, salt and ketchup they got a bit better.  Overall they were too thick and not crispy enough.  Second course= 4.


For the third course we went for some ice cream before the pig races, which I discovered last year at the fair.  Even better, it’s made at NC State.  Went with the cookie dough, which not only has cookie dough chunks in it, but is also cookie dough flavored ice cream.  Doubly delicious 🙂  Third course= 8 (-1 because of how overwhelming it was, and -1 because there could have been so more chunks of dough).


To finish the night off, we had to get some fried dough.  We went with the elephant ear, and got it covered with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.  The first half was surprisingly good.  Warm, crispy, and REALLY good with the chocolate.  The second half, however, was cold and completely soaked in chocolate. Difficult to eat, and at that point the thought of putting anything else fried into my body disgusted me.  I’d say it was still a good choice 🙂  Fourth course= 7.


When the guy operating the ride described it as a mix between Halloween and comedy, we knew we were in for a treat.  Literally could barely fit two people into the seat of the ride (too bad that picture ended up blurry, or it might have upped the rating).  In both rides there were tiny cars that went around corners, and around each one was something that lit up or popped out.  I actually jumped a time or two, so I suppose there was a bit of Halloween.  And there was certainly a bit of comedy.

+3 because it was a safe use of our ride tickets 🙂



Thanks to Claudia’s influence, I finally discovered more to the State Fair than just the food and rides. She informed me that the best part of the fair is actually all the contests that people in North Carolina can enter.  Everything from plants, to cooking, to artwork and texting competitions (don’t think I don’t already have my sights set on the blue ribbon for next year).

While I didn’t prioritize the plants, we did make a stop by the artwork, and overall I’d say I was pretty impressed.  The high school ones were obviously some of the best (besides the Professionals, clearly).  But below (on the top) you’ll see one of my faves.  Done by a 5th grader.  Seriously.  I swear.  Pretty impressive, yeah?

The one on the bottom.  Well, that one was also done by someone in elementary school and is responsible for a couple points off.



In case you can't read the fine print... "He saved us, from the pit of hell."


One of my favorite parts of the State Fair is usually the people watching, but apparently Monday nights are not quite as conducive.  I didn’t end up with one good picture, or any good stories, about people at the fair.  Thoroughly disappointed.  Might even be worth a return visit.  Saturday night anyone?


I hate these.  Enough said.  Why are we making money off of women who are abnormally small, or deformed animals?  And what kind of message does that send kids about things that are different?  I’ve never seen them, so perhaps I have no right to talk, but just the sight of all the signs makes me a bit sick.


PIG RACING: 7.  Duck racing, however: 9!

I clearly remember last year trying to check out the pig racing, but I think it was a Saturday and way harder to actually get a view.  We may have showed up late too…  Either way, this year we made it a clear priority, and were about 10 minutes early for the 9:00 show.  As a result, I got to see everything 🙂  The pig racing was definitely entertaining, but when they unexpectedly brought our billy goats and ducks to race, the show got that much better.  The ducks were INCREDIBLE as they waddled quickly around the ring.  -1 because everyone in front of me had the new iPhones and were able to video how hilarious it was.  I, however, was stuck with just a still photo where you can barely see them.

Trust me.  If you haven’t gone to the State Fair yet, make this a priority.


All in all, this was a pretty incredible trip to the fair 🙂  Looking forward to next year already!



    1. The only butter sculptures I’m interested in are the ones at the PA Farm Show. That’s where the butter sculpture was invented my friend.

  1. What no Turkey Shoot? You know, where you get to shoot a target and win a turkey? That sounds like something right up your alley. =)

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