Bringing it Back Week (continued)

So in case you all forgot, this week is the second annual ‘Bringing it Back Week!  Don’t worry if you did forget, it’s only Wednesday, and you have four more days to bring back whatever you want!

After beginning with the scrunchy (which will live on through Halloween), today something pretty incredible was brought back… THE PICNIC!  While many might wonder if it ever left, it certainly has in my life.  The closest I’ve gotten is tailgating outside O.A.R. and the wonderful lunches Rachel packed at Hound Ears.  But this was a legit picnic.  If you don’t trust me, check out the picture of some of the goodies (and when I say some, I mean half of them are left out… yeah, we had that much food):


In one picnic we (I really shouldn’t be taking much credit for this…) managed to bring back ants on a log, juice boxes, and the Snack Pack.  I would count the PB&J, but let’s be honest.  I enjoy those on almost a regular basis. Add in a bunch more food, a nice park and a swingset, it doesn’t get much better.

All in all I’d rate our picnic a definitive 9.  Only thing missing was a classic picnic basket… I’ll get right on that one for next time.

So what has everyone else brought back???


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