Hot Tea and Fat Tire’s Takeover of the Triangle


I-40 WEST AT NIGHT: 3.  I had no idea how much construction was going on at night on 40 West.  I suppose before I started going to school at NC State I had very little reason to ever be driving home that direction.  Now that I do go to school there, and am beginning to enjoy different parts of the area after class, I am frequently finding myself stuck in the traffic.  Obviously this is below a 5, but I must say it usually takes less time than I think, and now that I’m used to that I don’t get so frustrated by it.  Plus, last night I had some brilliant new music to keep me entertained.  Check it out (not the Brandi Carlile version I was listening to, but this one’s pretty great too…):

I rate this song a 10.  Seriously incredible.


Now that I no longer have an office, but have a lot of work to get done on a daily basis, I find myself returning to the local coffee shops.  I have my main office at the Panera in the Southpoint Mall, but occasionally visit my satellite offices at Weaver Street, Panera on 15-501, and Mad Hatters in Durham.  At each I feel pretty guilty if I don’t order something, so I usually end up with a hot tea (serves a dual purpose, as it’s often freezing in most of these places).  Weaver Street is by far the cheapest at $1.02, Panera’s next at $1.70, and Mad Hatters is by far the most expensive at $2.60something.  BUT, they do have silk tea bags and a ton of choices.  Plus, the giant cups like on Friends (which I always find oddly comforting).  So that being said, despite the cost, the actual tea is growing on me…



I was first introduced to Fat Tire last year by Paul, and since I have had the pleasure of enjoying it many different places.  Fat Tire is a beer brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company, located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  It’s an Amber Ale that apparently is well-loved here in North Carolina, since it’s arrival in the spring.  I can confidently make this statement based off of two things.  1) Popularity among my friends, and 2) the ever-increasing abundance of purple Fat Tire trucks everywhere I go.  Seriously.  I’ve been collecting these photos for some time, and can honestly say I’ve missed 3-5 shots in addition to these.  The trucks are EVERYWHERE.  Start playing the game and you’ll notice it too.

-1 because the trucks are huge and often in the way.

IMG_1483 IMG_1588

IMG_1586 IMG_1645


Headed to a corn maze scavenger hunt tonight (seriously, how could that NOT be incredible?), so until next time, just living for the tens 🙂



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