Framilies That Twist Together, Stay Together


The Framily officially began months back.  I remember going to Laura and Snook’s for dinner with Jay and Paul, and thinking to myself how much it reminded me of a family holiday.  The comfort, fun, good food, and great company.  I must have commented on the feeling, as Paul began referring to us as ‘the framily’ (friends/family).  Framily dinners often occur on Sundays, but can happen wherever and whenever.  Last night I headed over for a classic Sunday night framily dinner, leading to some of the best tens of the week.  Let me share…

LEARNING TO PLAY THE STRAW: 9!  I’ve never heard of such a thing until Laura referenced it in a story last night.  When I asked what it was, she immediately whipped out the straws and taught me how (Jay, Paul and Snooky were old pros).  You take a twisty straw, stick the long end under your armpit or in the elbow crease (this proved more effective for me), and blow.  You then can alter the sound by messing with the bendy straw.  HIGHLY entertaining, so I encourage everyone to please attempt this at home.

-1 because I never managed to get out any music, but I did make some awesomely inappropriate farting sounds.

IMG_1752 IMG_1753


FRAMILY TWISTER: 9.  After dinner, rather than the usual euchre, we decided to go with Twister.  I’d say this was an incredible choice for several reasons.

1) It helped the team with their flexibility, which I think ultimately will help our climbing.

2) I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time (until the framily photos, that is).

3) it prompted the brilliant idea of a party size Twister board for the Celebration of Living on November 7.

The Celebration of Living is an outdoor party, and I thought, if Twister works so well with 4 people, why not put four boards together and create a giant party size Twister board so everyone can play!  I’ll be purchasing shower curtains shortly, and we have the spray paint ready to go, so stay tuned for the first ever party-size Twister board!

We’re also planning a pretty incredible Naked Twister fundraiser.  This could go one of two ways (all input appreciated).

1) Other people can enter you into the competition by paying a certain amount.  In order to unenter yourself you have to outbid them.

2) You begin with clothes, operating like strip Twister.  At any point, if you become uncomfortable with how much clothing you’re losing, you can buy your way out for a set price (perhaps $20?).

It’s all in the name of charity!

-1 because I couldn’t seem to win…

7031_185562481097_643336097_3835860_7326622_n 7031_185562476097_643336097_3835859_5826725_n

HOMEMADE SOUPS: 10.  While unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, we arrived to find three different homemade soups waiting for us when we arrived.  Fresh chicken and rice, vegetarian chili, and pumpkin turkey chili.  I only tried the first and the last (both of which were DELISH), and I scored a container to take home with me 🙂  Considering that it’s supposed to rain the next two days, this is perfect.  Sorry Campbells, you’ll have to wait till next week…

MY NEW PINK HOODIE: 10!!!!!!!  Snooky has this incredible pink hoody I’ve seen him wearing several times recently, and loved.  I must have complimented it each time, as when I showed up tonight I got the best gift EVER.  My very own pink hoody.  Those who know me, my classic uniform consistenly almost exclusively of nothing more than jeans and hoodies.  Plus a fleece jacket when it gets really code.  I seriously live in them in the winter (and even the summer, when I turn my AC way up just so I can wear my hoodies and wool socks).  And while I used to have a pretty impressive collection, I discovered this fall that they’ve all becom stained and worn out.  What perfect timing for this one!  I’m pretty sure I may never take it off.

Plus, it’s in the Company color!


CAMERA TIMERS: 10.  Without them, we wouldn’t have these…

7031_185562566097_643336097_3835872_704309_n 7031_185562571097_643336097_3835873_7854195_n

7031_185562581097_643336097_3835875_1294404_n 7031_185562586097_643336097_3835876_5416693_n

Or countless other incredible photos over the years.

If you haven’t noticed Snooky in these pictures, please revisit.

If you don’t have your own framily yet, start creating.  BEST. THING. EVER.

Until the next Framily dinner, just living for the tens 🙂



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