Trivia Champions!

While two weeks ago our trivia team didn’t take home the overall victory at Cary’s Ale House Trivia Night (in our defense, we arrived after Round 1 due to an un-advertised time change), we did win Round 3.  That victory earned us a t-shirt, a beer coozy (?) and a free appetizer coupon.

Tonight, however, we went all the way.  Claudia was clutch in Rounds 1 and 2, but unfortunately her and Bill decided to leave early from there.  Sticking it out to the end paid off.  My incredible NFL knowledge (…) must have done the trick.  Despite our guess that the Washington Redskins were formerly the DC Manatees, we still managed to take home the overall win tonight, as well as this sweet neon Pabst sign, now proudly on display in my room.


It appears Freddy Kruger’s Left Pinky will need to return frequently…  I rate tonight’s win a 10!



  1. aahh!! I KNEW I shouldn’t have left early!
    Yay for winning!
    The prizes keep getting better and better… I wonder what’s next!

  2. Gotta love neon – I guess remembering random stuff at the expense of more practical things does have a purpose. We only left because we knew you two had it covered…

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