Crawling Across DC…

in COSTUME, is probably one of my favorite things ever.  Hence the perfect excuse for a 10 hour road trip this weekend.  Claud and I took off Friday night to be a part of my third ‘Nightmare on M Street’ bar crawl in DC.  Meeting up with a couple awesome friends from college made this the best reason ever to travel 🙂

I’d say it was pretty worth it…

ANGELICO’S VISIT: 9.  In college I was the hugest fan of this small Italian restaurant in Tenleytown called Angelico’s.  They have the most incredible pasta, sandwiches and calzones, took EagleBucks, AND delivered.  I have many fond memories of ordering oversized pesto dishes Sophomore year, and delivery to the front desk while working night shifts Junior and Senior year.  So a stop here for lunch on Saturday pre-bar crawl was perfect.

-1 because I had the toughest time deciding between pasta and a sandwich, only to remember how incredible the calzones were after Claud ordered one.  One visit just isn’t enough…




I’d say overall we were pretty impressive when it came to costumes.  We had one Lara Croft Tombraider, a DC tourist, a Jane Fonda/80’s aerobics instructor, and one dual costume of pregnant housewife/librarian (when the milkman wasn’t around people were confused and not so friendly due to the beer drinking ‘pregnant’ woman).

-1 for the 80’s hair (room for improvement next year), and -1 for the lack of FBI t-shirt, jean shorts and white socks for the tourist.





Absolute favorite moment of the evening.  Earlier in the evening while there was still some space, people were dancing, and all of a sudden a song from Flashdance came on.  Could I be more excited?  Nope.  Pretty sure it’s not possible.

Luckily, there happened to be an 80’s dancing guy (who knows what he really was) there as well, and we showed everyone how it’s really done.  LOVED IT.




The next morning before heading out we decided to check out the new restaurant put in place of the classic Bagel City down the street from my alma mater, American University.  While Bagel City was classic, with normal breakfast options and not excessively expensive, this place was french inspired, 100% organic everything, and significantly overpriced.

I did love their concept of a giant community table in the middle of the restaurant (German style) but almost everyone was sitting at small individual tables on the side.  And they did have a pretty incredible selection of jellies, chocolate sauces, etc. on each table.

However, the prices and prissiness were a bit much for me.  I’ll stick to Steak and Egg next time.




I’ve already begun planning my costume for next year, based off some inspiration from this year’s adventures… until then, just living for the tens 🙂



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