Fall, Mexican Food and Rollerblading!

MY RECENT BLOGGING: 3.  The posts that have existed have been great (if I do say so myself :)) But that’s only worth 3 points when you consider how bad I’ve been about posting.  I suppose my real life is getting in the way of my online life…

FALL IN NORTH CAROLINA: 9.  Have I mentioned recently how much I love fall in North Carolina?  I’m pretty sure I mention it at least once a day, and I would estimate about 3 days out of the week I harass Amy in the car in the morning (the 8th grader I chauffeur to school every day), ‘Amy!  Do you see how beautiful those trees are???  Quick!  Get out my iPhone and catch a picture!’.  At first her response was excitement, and recently it’s become ‘You know you have 20 that look just like it, right?’.  ‘No Amy!  They don’t!  Today it’s even more colorful and beautiful!’

-1 because of the inconsistency of temperatures.  I must admit, I’m not too sad about the 70 degree weather we’ve had recently, but my closet is confused.  Should I pull the sweaters out of storage or not?  And when I do commit to wearing one, by midday I’m all hot and sweaty and need to change.


BEING A MEMBER OF THE CLEAN PLATE CLUB… is overrated.  Especially when it comes to Mexican food.  But boy is it tempting to try.  Hence why I leave full and disgusted almost every time.

Friday night I headed to Torero’s, my favorite local Mexican restaurant, armed with coupons and an appetite.  We left with some coupons to spare, and a strong need to throw up.  This is what happens when you attempt to finish everything on the plates that are twice the size of your face.  I rate this a 6 (let’s be honest, I still love the food and the experience or I wouldn’t keep going back). I rate the rest of the night a 3.


About to bite into a tortilla full of all the scraps from our plates. Yes, we are in 8th grade again.


Scott's 'this sounded like a good idea until I had to do it' face.


Outlook not so good...

ROLLERBLADING WITH MURPH: Since today we had another flawlessly beautiful day down here in North Carolina, and one of my large school projects was now out of the way, I decided to whip out the rollerblades and give Murph a workout.  It quickly became apparent that he is out of running shape.  While he still walks pretty far every day, he certainly didn’t last too long running alongside the blades.  He stopped to pee 5 times, and I’m convinced it’s because he was coming up with excuses to take more breaks.


I, however, rate the experience an 8.  It was incredibly beautiful, perfect temperature, and a pretty decent workout.


-1 for the fact we only got to go for 30 minutes due to Murph’s huffing and puffing.


-1 for the one time he stopped to pee and ended up peeing on himself.  I’m not kidding.  I’m still not entirely sure how it happened, but it sprayed all over the place, including his stomach.  Not a happy camper.  Well, at least not after the two minutes I spent laughing alone on the side of the Tobacco Trail…

Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again soon… until then, just living for the tens 🙂


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