Facebook as a Networking Tool

facebook_logoWhile traditionally facebook has been solely a social tool, the more people who join, and we become friends with, the more it becomes a legitimate resource.

For example, I spent over 30 hours in the past four days setting up an online class for one of my classes.  A pretty awesome project, but unfortunately technical difficulties were getting in the way.  I had recorded 10 lectures consisting of a powerpoint and voice recording, turning them into files that were too large to upload to my class wiki.  After many attempts at using different tools I had hit a wall.  So I decided to post a cry for help on my Facebook status.

Anyone know how to take really big video files (on a Mac) and make them small enough I can upload them to a wiki or box.net? If you do, you’re my new hero 🙂

Six minutes later (I’m not exaggerating) I got a response from a friend of a friend (who is now clearly my friend), who said:

Janice – call me and I’ll walk you through it.

I used to work for Apple.

I called him as soon as I got the message and he did, in fact, walk me through it.

My project is now complete and has been launched online.  Huge 10, and I will definitely be tapping into my Facebook network more often in the future 🙂



  1. 100% agree! love the silly pics and status updates, but am finding more and more that i get jobs and vital information from facebook!

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