Kreativ Blogger Award!

Heck yeah!  Thanks to Jaci, of Everyday Sassypants, I’ve been awarded a Kreativ Blogger Award!  When you receive the Kreative Blogger Award you must do the following:

  1. List 7 things that your audience doesn’t already know about you.
  2. Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.
  3. Leave a comment on each of the blogs you nominate.
  4. Thank the person who gave you the award.

What makes it even more special is that after listing the 7 blogs she was awarding it to she wrote, “I don’t read many personal non-affiliated with a brand blogs. Just not my thing. I kind of put this off for a while because I don’t know how well the bigger brand (Glamour) bloggers will respond to this kind of thing. I have hopes though that they’ll reciprocate!

I can’t speak for the large, brand-affiliated blogs, but this personal non-affiliated with a brand blog is responding well, and about to reciprocate!  So here we go…

7 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

  1. While I write with my left hand, I do almost everything else with my right hand.  When I say ‘almost’, I mean I’m never really quite sure which hand I’ll use.  I remember elementary school gym class clearly when they’d introduce a new sport with directions for right handers, and then tell us if we were left-handed just to switch it up.  The problem was, I didn’t know what I was, so I spent forever trying both ways before I would just go with whichever I thought was right.
  2. I have a secret belief that I’m meant to be on Broadway.  While I don’t have the voice, I feel like we may be soulmates.
  3. My biggest fear is settling.
  4. My happy wagon is almost completely full, and I’m kind of wondering what happens if I use up all the rocks…
  5. I’ve recently begun a venture into barefoot running, thanks to the inspiration of an incredible book called ‘Born to Run‘.
  6. I think four kids is the perfect number, as you then have a complete volleyball team when they get older.  It would also be good to marry someone taller so hopefully they’ll range in height, filling all positions.
  7. My cousin is an incredible photographer and my aunt makes beautiful jewelry.  I dream of spending a summer traveling around the country and selling their stuff at local art festivals.  I think I’d meet some really cool people, get to travel to new places, and I truly believe a lot of people around the country could really benefit from their talent.

7 Other Blogs to Receive This Award

In giving out this award I’m also adding an 8th thing to the previous list.  I have two major blog addictions:

  1. Healthy Eating Blogs
  2. Education Blogs

I love reading about cool things happening in the education world, whether it’s education technology, math teaching, or students who blog together, I like staying in the loop 🙂  I also love learning new healthy recipes, and quickly got sucked in.  I don’t even remember how I found the first one, but once I did she was constantly linking to others, and before you know it I added a new tab to my Netvibes titled ‘Healthy Eating’.  There’s a ton, and a lot of great stuff on them, so I recommend you all check them out.  Here we go!

  1. Kath Eats Real Food– This is the original healthy eating blog I discovered, and it’s written by Kath, who conveniently lives not too far away in Charlotte.  She’s going to school to become a Registered Dietitian, so I’m definitely getting tips from a legit place 🙂
  2. Relentless Pursuit of Acronyms– I’m so excited to award this one to Matt Brown, who I met many years ago at good old American University.  I was an Orientation Leader there where I also got to lead ‘Discover DC’ groups around the city during Welcome Week.  I’ll never forget this one group in particular, as we had the most fun EVER.  Seriously, greatest group of incoming freshman, and made my job such a blast.  He later went on to transfer (so maybe I wasn’t that great as an Orientation Leader) and ended up as a 2009 Teach For America corps member in New Orleans.  He’s now blogging about the experience, and I love both the writing and the subject.
  3. 2cents Worth– David Warlick, my education hero, was presenting at a tech conference in Greensboro two years ago.  I was lucky enough to attend one of his sessions that literally changed my life.  I was so inspired by what he had to say about technology integration in our classrooms, that I returned to my school with a whole new passion.  I began blogging for my kids, I created a unit that got them blogging (and good at it!), and after the NC Computer Skills Test we tackled a unit entirely on developing our Personal Learning Networks (an idea that I believe was created by Warlick) using Web 2.0 tools.  His blog, and the many comments from educators, continues to push my thought on a daily basis.
  4. Weblogg-ed– Along the same lines, I was introduced to Will Richardson, another educator interested in technology integration, through David Warlick’s blog. Similar content, and equally brilliant ideas.  I read them both regularly, and find myself more and more obsessed with technology and our schools each time.
  5. 1,000 Awesome Things– For any eternal optimist, this site is a must.  They began the blog at 1,000, and each day count down the 1,000 most awesome things.  From little (the moment on a roller coaster after you get to the top of the first big hill and before you go down it) to littler (when the amount of toilet paper left on the roll is the exact amount you need), it makes us all stop and recognize the small 10’s.  How can I not love it???
  6. PostSecret– I’ve been a fan of this blog since college, own one of the books, and even met the original creator.  The premise is this: the creator began handing out postcards all over the city that asked people to write their secrets on them and send them back.  People did, in many super creative ways, and each Sunday he publishes new secrets on the blog.  Some are funny, some sad, some happy, some scary, but all real, and all anonymous.  It’s powerful, and definitely makes you feel the connection between people, regardless of if you will ever meet them.
  7. Meds and Maggie– When my mom began fighting breast cancer earlier this year she found it draining, and often overwhelming, to respond to the many people calling, writing, and reaching out to see how she was doing.  Repeating the same stories over and over again was exhausting, so I encouraged her to start a blog.  Combine that with the second cutest puppy of all time, and I’ve become a pretty big fan 🙂

I’m rating my receipt of the Kreative Blogger Award a 9.  Clearly exciting to be recognized by such an incredible blogger, but it has distracted me from my important Multicultual Education final exam for a good 45 minutes, so I must take off one point.  Might make it back up if any of the larger blogs I recognized actually respond!  I couldn’t help but nominate them since I’m such an avid reader, but I also know they have pretty large audiences and my Kreativ Blogger might not be a 9 in their day as it is in mine.

Overall a highlight of my otherwise book bogged down day. Huge thanks to Jaci, whose blog has kept me entertained (and updated on the latest TV/fashion) for many years now.  With her consistent posts she’s a highlight of almost every day 🙂



  1. congrats;) and i am so with you on the number 1 and number 2 things people don’t know about you. i still don’t know which hand to throw darts with but perhaps that’s b/c i suck at both…and it’s so wrong to know the words to every broadway song and yet know that if anyone hears you sing them, they would run from the room:(

    good luck with your exam!

  2. Thanks for the award and congratulations to you too! I do enjoy reading yours, and not just from the ‘mom’ perspective (although it IS useful for that too 🙂 ) I did most of the request, and it IS time-consuming. I am not as faithful a follower of blogs as you are, and I refuse to get drawn into the Facebook bottomless pit. You can get consumed with an internet life, and I prefer one on a court (tennis, volleyball etc.) Good luck with all your work – Love Mom

  3. Thanks for the nomination Jan, although I am pretty sure it is because you MADE me do it, and not based on the actual quality of the blog 🙂 Sorry I never shared the cheerleader aspect, I carried by bitterness all those years, and never wanted to relive it with a child! Rather chose to live vicariously through your volleyball skills…. Mom

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  5. Thank you for the plug! I left American because they canceled my aid package, not because I didn’t like the place, or because you weren’t a good orientation leader (you were!). I’m glad somebody out there is reading and enjoying what I write. I really love your 1-10 idea, and have been secretly creeping on your blog for a while…:)

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