Framily Thanksgiving!

While technically I hosted Thanksgiving last year, my mom was in town so a lot of the burden was taken on by her (basically, I did some of the cooking but didn’t quite tackle the turkey).  So, I decided that it was important, in my ongoing quest to become a ‘real’ adult, to give it another try.  So a couple weeks ago I announced to the framily that I would be hosting a Framily Thanksgiving, the Sunday before actual Thanksgiving.


Luckily, I remembered to buy the turkey in time so it could defrost, and only had to use cold water to finish it off for about an hour on Sunday.  Following a lot of advice received from seasoned experts, I removed the giblets, washed it out, buttered it up and popped it in the oven.

5 hours later, out came a pretty beautiful turkey (if I do say so myself).  Overall I’d rate it an 8.  Lots of leftovers (mostly dark meat too, which is my fave), pretty moist and tasty, and timed perfectly.

-1 for the stuffing (despite everyone’s offers of homemade recipes, I decided to go with the box stuff).  Pretty tasty, but I couldn’t manage to find enough holes in the turkey to actually fit most of it.

-1 for the neck.  The directions clearly instruct you to remove the neck after the giblets, but if you don’t know a whole lot about the anatomy of a turkey, how the heck am I supposed to figure out what the neck is?  Scott found it as he was carving and was a bit confused.  Oops…  Always make new mistakes 🙂  I’ll be sure to get it out next time.


We sure do know how to pull out all the stops when it comes to framily dinners.  The spread last night included (but is not limited to), mini-queche appetizers, cheese, Krab and tuna dips, hummus, crackers of all kinds, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, a gravy mix (onion, mushroom and turkey gravy), stuffing, turkey, fresh vegetable soup and some delicious $.50 rolls from Kroger. For dessert we had incredible pumpkin brownie type treats, as well as homemade pumpkin cake from Laura.  Perfect amounts of everything to create that stuffed, miserable Thanksgiving feeling.

-1 because there was nothing with sweet potato in it- my all time favorite fall food!

THE COMPANY: 10!  Not only was the whole framily in attendance, but we also had some new guests.  Katie and Liz were awesome additions, plus the famous Will Bradley.  I’ve been working for him for a couple months now, and in addition to the work I’ve developed a new friend who I’ve been trying to convince to join us for some time now.  Despite my reminder call 5-minutes before dinner, he still found his way over to join us, which was enjoyed by everyone!


It should be a surprise to no one that dinner was followed by some incredible euchre.  And by incredible, I mean mediocre, ultimately non-victorious euchre.  Snooky and I kicked some butt during game 1, but unfortunately lost our lead there.  However, two folks “learned” how to play (hopefully providing us with more players in the future), and the deal was only stolen from my team once (and it wasn’t even from me!).

My game face:

Paul’s game face:

Jay and Scott ‘learning’ how to play euchre…


At one point the two dogs started cuddling and Jay reached for my camera.  I looked around to try and find it, and spotted Paul on the couch, pouting his lips, and posing for self-portraits 12-year-old girl style.  Apparently he forgot how dangerous it is to play around with the iPhone of someone who has a blog.  Results of the photo shoot: 8.  Poses 1 and 2 are awfully similar, and there’s no blue steel, but overall pretty entertaining.


Snooky and I have long been in love with Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler.  We talk about it, we sing it, we theorize about the meaning of the video, and we seriously know how to rock out to it.  So when it came on the stereo last night you could say we were a bit excited.  This moment would have been a 10 were it not for my laryngitis, seriously preventing my best performance.  However, loving the photos Jay snapped.  Especially Paul’s face in the second one (click on it to enlarge for an even better view).  I’m a bit curious about what’s going on in the third…

Overall an incredible night.  So much so, I’d like to offer to cook the family turkey on Thursday.  Considering I am experienced and all…  until then, just living for the tens 🙂



  1. 12 year-old girl style?!! i dunno…that’s at least a 14 year-old’s glamor shots…and in my humble opinion just a shade above blue steel, but not above magnum.

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