It’s Nice to be Back :)

Well, it’s been awhile.  It began with a little sickness around Thanksgiving, and then after waiting for some pictures from Thanksgiving it quickly became several weeks with no blogging.  But here I am, back at last 🙂  So the first rating must be a quick recap of Thanksgiving (it’s been too long to bore you with a full report).


It’s almost like your body knows when you’re going home and you’ll have some time to rest and be taken care of.  Appropriately, it shut down right before leaving.  The mystery illness from the weekend in the mountains returned, and through the past two weeks I’ve been hit with a bunch of random symptoms, none leading to anything specific.  I attempted to treat it with orange juice, ibuprofen, Nyquil, Dayquil, Zinc, cough drops, and Robitussin.  Nothing cut the cough, and only in the past two days has my sore throat healed.  I think the decision to start working out this week (when the weather gets colder I tend to get lazier with the dogs…) helped.  Nothing like sweating out the sickness 🙂

+1 because it definitely could have been worse, and for that I’m grateful.

+1 because it forced me to relax, and gave me an excuse to lie around for multiple hours sleeping each day.


Now that the parents have a puppy, going home has brought a whole bunch of new excitement.  On top of seeing the family, the pups get reunited with their family.  While my pups always seems a bit out of sorts when around Maggie, you can tell they like the excitement.  Plus, the exercise is definitely good for them.

Murph and Maggie spent the whole time chasing each other around the house and wrestling, taking occasional breaks for Maggie to harass Dakota and attempt to get him to play (to no avail).

-1 because of how loud they can get when they’re playing.  It’s pretty difficult to even hold a conversation when the two little runs are sprinting and growling.

I’m going to attempt to get some videos with the mom’s camera over Christmas…


Friday after Thanksgiving, and some early Black Friday shopping (on my mom and sister’s part, not mine) we headed up to State College to see a Penn State women’s volleyball game.  We’ve been doing this since I was a kid, as my sister and I played since we were little.  Always big fans of the Lady Lions, it’s only gotten better as the team has become consistently the best in the country.  This year they’re working for their third national title in a row (fourth total).

Having gone to a much smaller college with a lot less school spirit, I now love going up even more.  Upon arrival, before dinner, we decided to partake in the spirit by doing a little Nittany Lion style shopping…

THESE LION HATS: 9!  I LOVE them, and they’re super soft and comfy.  Plus, how can you go wrong with little lion ears on the side?  Only downside… they’re $25 each!  Not exactly fitting into my budget…

THE GAME: 8.  It was nice to see a Penn State win, and see what all the hype was about, but they pretty much kicked Michigan State’s butt.  Even when the game was close it never felt close, as you could tell they were clearly pretty confident they were gonna take the match.  And take it they did 🙂  In only 3 games no less.  Sometimes you wish they would take it to 4 or 5 so you could get more out of your money, but at least it meant we got home early 🙂

Saturday morning I headed back to North Carolina to get in the Christmas spirit.  The tree was put up (still with no ornaments…), music was listened to, and this week ‘Elf’ finally came out.  Clearly that will be watched many times this season 🙂

Until next time (which will be soon, I promise!), living for the tens!


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  1. Gee, those pictures look familiar – way to copy MY blog! Glad you are feeling better, don’t do it again at Christmas, you are much more entertaining healthy. By then I will have some bowling coupons and we can complete the Smith Family Smackdown.

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