Pink Glove Dance


Okay, so I feel a bit bad going to bed on such a negative note with the last post.  Luckily someone awesome sent this video my way tonight…

Several things I LOVED:

  • The old janitor in the hallway.  Especially at the end when you can only see him from the back.
  • The sequence of pairs of dancers in the hospital waiting room about halfway.  Especially the people watching in the background.
  • The cause, clearly.
  • The other janitor with the sunglasses.
  • The incredible variety in dance moves.  I’ve got a couple new ones to try out the next time I go dancing…
  • The choreographed group dances.  I can just picture the many practices that went into making that happen.

A much better way to sign off for the evening 🙂



  1. I can’t believe I didn’t send this link to you earlier (I thought I had, but a check of my Sent file confirms I did not), I have received it many times. You forgot to mention if they get 1 million hits, the makers of the pink hospital gloves will donate a bunch of money and free mammograms – so go watch it!

    I want a pair of them too – I am making more dog leashes, and it is tearing up my hands – maybe they would help!

  2. So, let’s do a “The Company Breast Cancer Awareness” video,…!!!!!!!!!
    …..Just to reinforce the attack into Breast Cancer….
    semper fi,…

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