Homemade Christmas Gifts

I came home yesterday to find this on my bedroom floor.

While perhaps unrecognizable to many, this is a Christmas gift I made over Thanksgiving.  Actually, I’ve removed the gift from the picture (to keep it a secret for any readers it may or may not have been for) and this is just the wrapping paper.

That’s right, while gone Murphy pulled my bag of gifts off my desk, used his brilliant Beagle nose to find the one containing edible insides, unwrapped the gift, and began to eat it.  Yes, he ate part of the gift. Just to clarify, the gift was not food.  It was made with edible parts, but it was not meant to (ever) be eaten.  I suppose it serves me right for making a gift out of anything a dog might enjoy.

Oddly Murphy was nowhere to be found…

I rate this a 1, solely for entertainment value.  I can’t help but laugh at his antics sometimes, even though it means coming up with some new Christmas ideas in the next week and a half.

Murph later making friends with Clawed the Eagle, AU's awesome mascot. And by 'making friends' I clearly mean attempting to chew a hole in him. I rescued him 10 seconds after I took this picture.



  1. That is hilarious that he hid under the covers because he knew he did something bad! Smart dog. I can lend you my “craft” I made at home to replace the one Murphy destroyed. If you are honest about it you know mine was a piece of art. =)

    1. You know, I really appreciate the offer but I think I’ll pass… maybe you could give it to Murph for Christmas. i can guarantee he’ll like it.

  2. You know we can redo it when you come home again, plus there were some others ideas remember?? Guess I would have never considered this either, but will keep it in mind for Maggie Moose. It IS edible though (yet, not very tasty I imagine…)

  3. Ah, so Murphy and Preston must have been sharing ideas the other night when we tried to introduce them…it seems they are both having their say this week…”let’s show them that we are alpha dogs through and through!”

    Preston got in to the box of tissues and tipped over a lamp while we had dinner tonight with you. (2: lamp is unbroken and the tissues weren’t awful to pick up, he’s a fairly neat destroyer!) Once we got home he showed us how he can get a good portion of the stuffing out of the big floppy dog you got him. (9-it’s appropriate toy usage, he’s cute when the stuffed dog’s ears are flopping along with the real dog ears).

    Now he’s chilling. 10.

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