Maggiano’s Celebration!

After finishing up (almost) all of my first semester in grad school, we decided to head to one of my favorite restaurants for a bit of end-of-semester celebrating.  If you haven’t ever been to Maggiano’s before, go.  Ever since college when I dragged my parents there every time they visited, I can’t get enough.  The delicious (and unlimited, I might add) bread, the incredible pasta dishes, reasonable prices (unless you go family style) and best of all, their profiteroles.  Absolute best dessert of all time.

Made with their homemade profiteroles, with vanilla ice cream in the middle, warm chocolate sauce drizzled on top, and fresh, real, whipped cream on the side.  I LOVE THEM.

So when they had Chocolate Peppermint Profiteroles on the specials menu last night, I couldn’t resist.  We split one and it was the perfect dessert.  I genuinely can’t come up with a thing wrong with it.  I was a bit hesitant about the chocolate profiterole versus the classic plain, but it went PERFECTLY with the peppermint ice cream in the center.  Whipped cream was as good as I remember, and all in all it was the perfect finish.  I’m glad I saved room 🙂

The rest of the meal was fabulous as well (I even ventured off my classic list of favorites), but this was definitely worth it’s own rating.

Off to do some Friday afternoon babysitting, and then to throw Will a 75th birthday celebration with lasagna, cake and karaoke at Champps!


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