Best 4 Minutes of Shopping EVER

Saturday night we headed down to Greensboro to meet Rodney and Kim for dinner, a nice compromise between Charlotte and Durham.  Many highlights of the evening, including the Blueberry Martinis at the Village Tavern, the company, and four incredible minutes spent at the Four Seasons mall.

After a fabulously delicious dinner (rated a 9.  Who puts capers on Bruschetta? And more importantly who enjoys that?), we headed over to the Four Seasons Mall to do some Christmas shopping.  First of all, I can’t help but comment on the fact that it closed at 9 pm on a Saturday night during Christmas season.  You have got to be kidding me.  When did malls start closing before 10?  And on Saturdays, aren’t they supposed to stay open later for the teenagers who can’t drive and need to be dropped off somewhere to hang out with their friends?  And shouldn’t  malls be open even later during the holiday season?  By my estimation it should have been open until at least 12.

Nonetheless, we arrived at 8:56 and sadly discovered it was about to close.  I quickly darted into the Dollar Store to see if they had any toy microphones (to practice my karaoke and lip syncing, clearly), and in four minutes found all this:

Included are:

  • A cake container (please see my last post)
  • A new dog leash (Murph’s old one accidentally got chewed, and I got to replace it for only a buck!  AND it has reflective tape on it!)
  • Tall toe socks (I was worried how running in my Five Fingers would go in the wintertime without socks, but now my problem is solved)
  • Last, they had glass rings for only a buck!  My all time fave, I have a collection that I wear pretty much all the time.  I’ve broken a few, and because the originals were from Italy they were a bit hard to replace.  I’ve since found some in Boone at an arts store, and now apparently at the dollar store.  While not quite as meaningful, it’s still awesome and you gotta love the price when you’re a full time student…

Bottom line= these four minutes of shopping are a strong 9.  -1, of course, for the lack of a microphone.



  1. Yes, Preston seems to be “accident” prone in his chewing…. 😦 Since he didn’t get far enough with his way with Murphy, it seems he retaliated on his leash.

    Love the cake container!!

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