Pack Reunion

After arriving home yesterday, the ‘pack’ has spent all their time playing, catching up, and sleeping (all that playing is exhausting!)



Maggie has a super nice, cozy bed from L.L. Bean that she received from my Grandma shortly after my parents got her.  What’s funny is that Murph has not once attempted to get in it (even though it looks super nice, and it’s just his size).  Neither has Dakota, which I previously thought nothing of because of how big he was. Clearly he’s getting more comfortable with the family, and my work to break some of his good habits has been effective, as sure enough I looked down in the living room and there he was all cuddled up in the tiny bed.  HILARIOUS.


Didn’t hear a peep from her.  She watched, came over and looked, and occasionally sat right next to him.  But she didnt seem to mind at all, and just kept herself entertained doing other things.  What an impressive little pup 🙂


Later he headed over to the only piece of furniture in the living room that we allow dogs on.  And when I say ‘dogs’, I really mean Murphy.  When he stayed here last summer, my mom covered this chair with a blanket and officially declared it his ‘throne’.  He spent all summer napping and relaxing on the chair, and now whenever we head home Murph heads straight to this chair.  Maggie’s not allowed up, as it’s just for Murph.

That is, until now.  After getting up from Maggie’s bed, Dakota headed straight over there and made himself at home.  He fits perfectly, and couldn’t look more comfortable.  Murph, however, is not quite as thrilled.

-1 for Murph’s jealousy and -1 for the difficulty Kota has getting out of it (he’s getting old…).  But he’s so cute when he sleeps there 🙂


I bought this awesome reindeer outfit for Murph at Target a couple weeks ago (how can you resist when it’s only $2.50???), but unfortunately due to his large rib cage (from the pug side of the family) it didn’t fit quite right.  So I brought it home for little Maggie 🙂

OH MY GOODNESS.  What I want more than anything right now is to figure out the stupid file conversion to get these AVI files into iMovie so I can show you all the video.  After we put it on, Maggie couldn’t figure out how to get the hood of her eyes so she just wandered around aimlessly running into everything.  First the coffee table, then Dakota, then my legs.  One thing after another, it never got old.  Laughed hysterically for like 10 minutes.

-1 because it counts as clothes so my Dad won’t let her wear it for more than 15 minutes at a time 😦

After this picture I can’t help but also rate…


I LOVE IT.  She’d been looking for a good hat to wear in the winter to keep her head warm, and a girl my sister works with ended up sending this one home for her.  She’d never met her, but knit her this nice hat.  That alone makes the rating pretty high.  But in addition, I genuinely love the hat!  It serves the purpose of keeping mom warm, but also has this awesome flower on the side!  I totally dig it.  -1 because while this color goes with everything I think I would like something a bit brighter.



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