Merry Christmas!

If there’s one thing that Christmas is good for, it’s catching up on my blog!  I’ve decided to put aside all work for the day, which actually gives me time to catch up on the holiday happenings.

First, and most entertaining, is definitely Maggie’s first Christmas gift.  To see the rating check with the last post, but here’s the video to accompany it:

Nothing says Christmas quite like…


Hands down one of my favorite Christmas treats.  You can find all kinds of different versions depending where you buy it, but I must say the best around is William and Sonoma’s ‘Original Peppermint Bark’.  The downside is it’s pretty expensive and it comes in large quantities (neither is something I can afford).  However, when it comes free as a family Christmas gift, and there’s four of you to share it, it’s INCREDIBLE.  I knew Christmas had officially arrived when I saw this yesterday.


Santa must be real, because per my request here it is!!!  Ironic that the picture below is of poor quality because I had to take it with my iPhone…

It has a ton of different modes so I should be able to get good shots, a flash (seems obvious, but a big step up from my iPhone camera), self-timer, and even has a setting for food 🙂

Also included in the pile of gifts was a SWISS ARMY camera case!  My parents know my history with digital cameras, and I now feel fully protected.  Now just to make sure I put it in there…

You know you’re an adult when you’re this excited about…


Seriously never thought I would be this content (and genuinely excited) with:

  • a 36-piece tupperware set
  • a rooftop carrier (for road trips with more than just two people)
  • a tarp (to protect the rooftop carrier, and serve as a footprint for my tent)
  • bungee cords
  • homemade towels for my kitchen

And more 🙂  I LOVE IT.


Before putting out all the presents we decided to hand out rawhides to keep the dogs occupied, and out of any food/treats that may be found.  This seemed to be a good idea…

Dakota loved his (my mom got him an extra large one).

Murphy got one that was a bit smaller, and spent the entire time staring pathetically at Dakota because he wanted the big one.

Eventually it broke out into the first legit puggle fight as they duked it out for the big pieces.

Maggie got flipped over, went on punishment (she started it) and only after we removed all traces of bones did it end.

Won’t make that mistake again…


While it will only last for about a month every year, that’s the case with every Christmas sweater, so I don’t feel justified taking points off for that.  But this one is fabulously tacky, fits her perfectly, AND keeps the little pup warm (she seems to shiver a lot when she goes outside… I think she just needs to put on a little weight like Murph).

Even though my dad resists dog clothing, I think we’re warming him up.  It might take several months before he lets her wear the pink t-shirt I gave her that proudly says ‘Spoiled Princess’ on the back…

Just in case you’re starting to think Maggie’s too cute, a couple pictures of the cutest dogs ever…


Yet again I’ve come home with a pretty bad cold, and spent most of the Christmas Eve service blowing my nose loudly.  It gets especially bad when your nose is so stuffed it’s difficult to eat, because your mouth is the only source of oxygen.  Luckily last night my dad produced the most incredible solution ever- German nose spray!  Left over from their two year stay in Munich, this stuff completely unblocked my nose in a matter of minutes.  Only lasts about 2 hours before I need to spray again, and creates more runniness, but I’m totally willing to take it for a clear nose that I can breathe through.



There aren’t a ton of people in Harrisburg I still keep in touch with, but the ones I do I LOVE seeing when I come home.  Sarah is one at the top of the list.  A good friend from high school, she went on to do Teach For America after college as well, teaching high school English in Hawaii (charter corps!).  After finishing her two years she continued to work for TFA, as did I, so it’s great to catch up with someone who literally understands pretty much everything you’ve done post-college.  And on top of that, she’s just good people 🙂

-1 because as I’ve mentioned before, it sometimes makes me sad to think of all the good people I know all over the country who I only get to hang out with once a year 😦

That being said, excited to see Jess on Saturday!!!

An interesting addendum to our Wednesday night adventures at the diner…


You all know who they are.  The people you’re ‘friends’ with on facebook, and at some point were friends with in real life.  But if you ever run into them in real life, it’s actually kind of weird.  Weird because 1) you never know whether to say hi, because you’re not actually real friends anymore and 2) if either of you do say hello, you often know a little bit too much about their current lives (thanks to facebook lurking) without actually having spoken to them in years.  What’s there left to talk about when you read their 10 status updates every day, know where they live, what they do, who they’re friends with, and what they think about everything?

It’s still nice to see old friends, and the facebook connection actually makes you feel like you’re more of friends than you might actually be, leading to conversation.  Just curious if anyone else has observed how facebook changes the whole experience of going home once a year…



  1. poor maggie! however, it is terribly cute.
    and I’m sorta looking forward to using your roof rack carrier thingy… is that wrong?

  2. Maggie is wearing her princess t-shirt right now (although Dad isn’t happy). She IS a spoiled princess, so it is only appropriate. Thanks for feeding the dress the clothes habit! Mom

  3. Why must you torture poor Maggie? Did you see the look on her face when your mom picked her up?! LOL!! I agree with your dad, I think she was embarrassed. Listening to you guys giggle the whole time was making me laugh even more while I watched the video!

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