Smith Family Smackdown!

Per Claudia’s request, I am updating despite the slow, and very inconsistent internet at home (I rate it a 4- it works, but every time the phone rings it shuts down indefinitely.  NOT COOL).  So, some more vacation highlights (that’s right, I’m still on vacation.  Be jealous :))…


First of all, it’s been way too long since I put hardboiled eggs on a salad… IT IS SO GOOD!  It adds enough substance that I actually feel like I’m being fed.  And this slicer is a brilliant way to cut them quickly and easily.  I love it 🙂  -1 because I wish it produced smaller pieces, but that’s easy enough to fix.


A combination of an ice cream ball, pumpkin cake and peppermint bark makes for a pretty fabulous end to any meal.  Plus over the course of the vacation my mom went on to make carrot cake, and ice cream balls with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.  While I most certainly love all these, maintaining any sort of moderation is difficult with this many options.  Still worth it- it’s vacation!


On Tuesday I headed to Philly to pick up Scott from the airport and I swear, the sun positioned itself perfectly in between my two sun shades for the entire drive.  No matter which way the road turned, or whether or not I switched from an East road to a South road, the sun was always right there.  Funny that Scott found my sunglasses as soon as he got in the car after I had suffered for two hours…

After I picked him up we headed to the King of Prussia mall.  Not entirely sure why, as we didn’t really need to buy anything, but it was there and therefore needed to be seen 🙂

For anyone who has never been there, it used to be the second largest mall in America (not sure if that’s still the case) and is HUGE.  While there’s no amusement park, there are a LOT of stores, and it’s super hard to find your way around.  Still, there are maps and we should have been able to figure it out.  But… we weren’t.


We got lost.  A lot.  But this meant we saw a lot of the mall.  And a lot of the same parts over and over.  Good times…

We finally found the food court for lunch, and it was INSANE.  Seriously, people were going crazy over chairs.  There obviously weren’t enough and everyone was on the lookout.  Lines were super long (luckily I was in charge of grabbing a table and didn’t have to wait), and there were people everywhere.

Ended up with some delicious chicken teriyaki from one of those great Japanese places that hand out free samples and make it impossible to resist.


I won, which is good, and didn’t revert back to my college eating habits.  I went a bit healthier, and managed to avoid a heart attack on a bun, plus fries.  But there is a big part of me that loves five guys so much it’s worth giving up my ‘vegetarianism’ for.  Maybe next time…

We got home that night in time for dinner and then the 2009 SMITH FAMILY SMACKDOWN!

Last years was held at Thanksgiving, but due to sickness (on my part) it was postponed until Christmas this year.  The sport of 2009 was… BOWLING!  I’ll admit, after the embarassment that was my performance at tennis last year, I figured I had a much better shot at bowling.

Turns out, a full year of bowling every Friday night (was part of an awesome league in Gaston) has not transferred to lifelong bowling talent.


Badass.  That’s all I have to say about that.  If game faces were the competition, I would’ve been close to first.  Unfortunately, it was about the actual bowling.


I swear I used to be pretty decent.  I’ve scored as high as a 160 before, and between 110-120 on a regular basis.

During the Smackdown I scored about 85-90 both games.  Needless to say I came in last yet again this year.

Good thing it was fun 🙂


I love it so much I convinced my whole family to wear their t-shirts again today when we played some pickup volleyball 🙂  I can come up with nothing that I don’t like about it…

Now off to fight the snow and drive to Atlantic City to celebrate the New Year with a live David Gray concert!


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