Happy 2010!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the New Year than a trip to Atlantic City and a David Gray concert…


We gave it a go, risking $5 on the penny slot machines.  Although, it turns out if you wanna win you have to put down more than just a penny per turn.  Needless to say we lost it all, but we did have a couple big wins ($2 for one spin!!!).  Also sad that we got in trouble for the camera before I got a pic of my first time gambling at a slot machine…

We walked around for a while, but had about 4 hours to kill before the concert so decided to hit up a buffet!  Can’t think of a better way to kill 3 hours…


When a ‘taxi’ driver recommended the Tropicana, I had no idea it was for their crab legs.  But thank god it was!  THEY WERE INCREDIBLE.  I had two more plates that looked just like this one (if you do the math that’s 30 crab legs!!!).  I loved every minute of it, and because seafood is incredible, I left feeling totally comfortable and not at all sedated with a food coma (unfortunately I’m not sure Scott can say the same thing…).


I got one good dessert out of it, but genuinely did not take more than a bite out of anything else.  I’d try them, and then decide they weren’t nearly good enough to waste valuable room in my stomach that could be used on delicious crab…


I love it, however I’m not sure those around us, hoping for a lovely New Year’s Eve dinner appreciated it as much.  Either way I think we’re fabulous 🙂


I love David Gray’s music.  So as long as he was playing that, I knew I’d be happy.  The first half (11-12) he was super intense and played one after another after another.  Got a ton of music in, I’ll give him that.  But after the New Year he only played for like another half hour 😦  Total.  Including the encore (and you all know how I feel about encores in general).  I wish he had played longer 😦

And I wish the awesome video I took with my snazzy new camera would upload to iMovie.  I’ll post as soon as I get it to work.

After the concert we drove to my sister’s place in Philly (arriving about 3 am) and spent a couple quality days there which was nice 🙂

Now I’m enjoying the season premier of The Bachelor!  Surely ratings will follow…



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