The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

Well, the addiction continues.

Despite my growing complaints every season about the quality of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I just can’t seem to give it up.  And last season did actually prove to be ‘the most dramatic season ever’ (as they always promise), so I’m hopeful this one will continue the trend.

Jake, an eliminated bachelor from Jillian’s season, would not have been my first pick.  Yes, he’s attractive.  Yes, he has a six pack (a requirement).  But I find him to be awkward and a bit artificial.  Either way, he seems nice enough, and genuine in his ‘search for love’ (another Bachelor catchphrase).


This is the first season ever with it’s very own title, and I must confess I think it’s add a great deal to the corniness.  ‘On the Wings of Love’ comes from Jake’s job as an airplane pilot.  This is also the first season ever where they’ve made such a big deal about their job.  This, however, I think is positive growth.  What you do for a living often has a huge impact on a relationship, yet in these shows they almost never seem to talk about it (either side) which makes me wonder how it could ever work out in real life.

Still corny.


Please understand this is not at all for the quality, but for the absolute ridiculousness.  At the beginning of each season all 25 bachelors/bachelorettes drive up in limos, walk out and meet THE Bachelor/Bachelorette for the first time.  In the first seasons they would shake hands, hug, introduce themselves.  Well, somewhere along the line someone started bringing gifts, which raised the bar for everyone else.  Now there’s a mix of gifts, jokes, tricks (yes, someone seriously got him to look down at his shirt last night and then hit them in the nose), songs, dances and more.

Last night was certainly no exception.  Let’s see if I can remember the highlights…

  • One girl brought a bag of jellybeans for all the other girls, as a parting gift for when they walked out the door.  Clearly she made a lot of friends last night.
  • Another brought a coin and told him ‘I’ll make this real easy- heads I stay, tails I leave’.  Of course it landed on heads, and as she walked away he noticed it was a double-headed coin (?).  I actually kinda liked that girl…
  • Another said something in Cambodian, her native language, which we later found out meant ‘You can land your plane on my landing strip any time.’  Whoah.  Moving on.

These are just a few highlights.  Pathetic, awkward and at times pretty uncomfortable.  However from the comfort of my living room I kind of enjoyed it…


Of all the dresses last night I must say this one was my favorite.  -2 because I’m sure I couldn’t pull it off like she did so I’ll have to admire from afar.  But either way I think she looked great!


Not so much loving this one.  Or the fact that she cried when she was cut.  Seriously?  You’ve spoken with him for two minutes.  Don’t tell me you’re in love yet.  At least give it two dates.

GCHAT: 10!

Nothing makes the Season Premier better than sharing it with good girl friends.  In college we’d all sit around watching, making our predictions (and sealing them in an envelope) and running to the Eagle’s Nest (campus convenience store) during commercials.  Murph and Dakota seemed a little less than thrilled.  But thanks to GChat, Jill and I were able to continue our judgements as if we were still in a Hughes Hall dorm room.  I LOVE IT.

Next week the real drama begins… and thanks to I already know what goes down!



  1. ok, so I SHOULD be working, but I just had to reply. While not a hguge fan of the show, I do like to watch the beginning episodes and then pick up again around the time of hometown dates.

    These girls sure are getting “gutsy” with their meetings/pick up lines. While caught up in listening to what they were saying, I also liked to watch his reaction when they walked off to the house. I’m glad the camera shot his face because it gave some insight into what HE was thinking about some of them. His expressions were easy to read, in my opinion.

    What was up with the girl with the short purple dress that had the tutu?? Mackenzie, my 4 year old, said, “look momma. she has a dress like barbie from barbie and the diamond castle” That’s bad.

    Needless to say, I probably won’t watch again for a while. But it was a good “fix” last night.

    Oh, and when Chris interviewed him at the beginning, he asked him if he would give up flying if the woman he fell in love with hated heights and he basically said yes. Yeah, right.

  2. Completely agree with the corny title assessment. I don’t know what the big deal is about him being a pilot. One of the bachelors was a doctor and I don’t remember them focusing on it as much. Hopefully the corny title is not a glimpse of how the entire season is gonna play out.

  3. After seeing the picture of the girls, I’ve decided to prepare a video to be the next bachelor. I mean what guy doesn’t want to be surrounded by desperate hotties competing for his “affection”. In the mean time, while I’m awaiting my certain approval onto the show; I’ll join you in remotely watching next weeks episode in an attempt to fully understand your blog posts. Janice- expect ridiculous comments on gchat next week.

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